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Meaning of ELABORATE

Pronunciation:  [adj]i'laburit, [v]i'labu`reyt, i'labehrut

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  developed or executed with care and in minute detail; "a detailed plan"; "the elaborate register of the inhabitants prevented tax evasion"- John Buchan; "the carefully elaborated theme"
  2. [adj]  marked by complexity and richness of detail; "an elaborate lace pattern"
  3. [v]  work out in detail; "elaborate a plan"
  4. [v]  make more complex, intricate, or richer; "refine a design or pattern"
  5. [v]  add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation"
  6. [v]  produce from basic elements or sources; change into a more developed product; "The bee elaborates honey"

ELABORATE is a 9 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: careful, complicate, detailed, dilate, elaborated, enlarge, expand, expatiate, exposit, expound, fancy, flesh out, lucubrate, luxuriant, rarify, refine, work out
 See Also: alter, change, clarify, clear up, create, detail, develop, elucidate, exemplify, illustrate, instance, involve, make, make grow, particularise, particularize, produce, set forth, sophisticate, specialise, specialize, specify



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \E*lab"o*rate\, a. [L. elaboratus, p. p. of elaborare
    to work out; e out + laborare to labor, labor labor. See
    Wrought with labor; finished with great care; studied;
    executed with exactness or painstaking; as, an elaborate
    discourse; an elaborate performance; elaborate research.
          Drawn to the life in each elaborate page. --Waller.
    Syn: Labored; complicated; studied; perfected; high-wrought.
         -- {E*lab"o*rate*ly}, adv. -- {E*lab"o*rate*ness}, n.
  2. \E*lab"o*rate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Elaborated}; p.
    pr. & vb. n. {Elaborating}.]
    1. To produce with labor
             They in full joy elaborate a sigh,    --Young.
    2. To perfect with painstaking; to improve or refine with
       labor and study, or by successive operations; as, to
       elaborate a painting or a literary work.
             The sap is . . . still more elaborated and exalted
             as it circulates through the vessels of the plant.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adorn, affected, amplify, arabesque, artificial, assemble, assiduous, awe-inspiring, awful, Babylonian, balled up, barbaric, baroque, beautify, build, busy, Byzantine, cast, chichi, clarify, comment, complete, complex, complicated, compose, compound, concoct, confounded, confused, construct, convolute, convoluted, Corinthian, crabbed, create, cultivate, daedal, decorate, decorated, deluxe, descant, detail, detailed, develop, devious, devise, dilate, diligent, discuss, dressy, dwell upon, elaborated, elegant, embellish, embellished, embrangled, embroider, enlarge, enlarge upon, enrich, entangled, enter into detail, erect, euphuistic, evolve, expand, expatiate, explain, explicate, expound, extravagant, extrude, fabricate, fancy, fashion, festoon, fine, finish, flamboyant, florid, flourish, flowery, form, formulate, fouled up, frame, frilly, fudge together, fussy, get up, gild, glorious, go into, Gongoresque, Gongoristic, gordian, grand, grandiose, high-wrought, hyperelegant, implicated, imposing, impressive, indite, industrious, interpret, intricate, involuted, involve, involved, knotted, knotty, labor, labored, labyrinthian, labyrinthine, load with ornament, loused up, luxuriant, luxurious, magnificent, majestic, make, make up, mannered, manufacture, many-faceted, Marinistic, matted, mature, mazy, meandering, messed up, mixed up, mold, moresque, mucked up, multifarious, noble, operose, ornament, ornate, ostentatious, overcharge, overdone, overelaborate, overelegant, overlabored, overlay, overload, overnice, overrefined, overworked, overwrought, painstaking, palatial, particularize, patch together, perfect, perplexed, picturesque, piece together, plush, polish, posh, precieuse, precieux, precious, prefabricate, prepare, pretentious, pretty-pretty, princely, produce, proud, put together, put up, raise, ramified, rear, refine, rehearse in extenso, relate at large, rich, ripen, ritzy, rococo, roundabout, run up, screwed up, season, sedulous, set up, shape, snarled, sophisticated, spell out, splendacious, splendid, splendiferous, stately, studied, subtle, sumptuous, superb, superfancy, superfine, swank, swanky, swell, tangled, tangly, thorough, thoroughgoing, trick out, twisted, unfold, unnatural, varnish, whomp up, work out, write