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Pronunciation:  `efur'vesunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  marked by high spirits or excitement; "his fertile effervescent mind"; "scintillating personality"; "sparkling conversation"; "a row of sparkly cheerleaders"
  2. [adj]  (of a liquid) giving off bubbles
  3. [adj]  used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide; "sparkling wines"; "sparkling water"

EFFERVESCENT is a 12 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: aerated, bubbling, bubbly, carbonated, charged, effervescing, fizzing, fizzy, foaming, foamy, frothy, lively, scintillating, sparkling, sparkly
 Antonyms: noneffervescent, still



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ef`fer*ves"cent\, a. [L. effervescences, p. pr. of
effervescere: cf. F. effervescent.]
Gently boiling or bubbling, by means of the disengagement of

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: active, activist, activistic, agog, airy, alive, animated, aquiver, aroused, atingle, atwitter, beaten, blebby, blistered, blistering, blistery, boiling, bouncing, bouncy, brash, breezy, brisk, bubbling, bubbly, buoyant, burbling, burbly, bursting, carbonated, carried away, chiffon, chipper, ebullient, energetic, enthusiastic, excited, exhilarated, expansive, exuberant, fired, fizzing, fizzling, fizzy, foaming, foamy, frisky, frothing, frothy, full of go, full of life, full of pep, gassy, gay, gleeful, high, high-spirited, hilarious, hissing, hopped up, hushing, impassioned, inflamed, irrepressible, jolly, keyed up, lathered up, live, lively, manic, mercurial, militant, mirthful, moved, peppy, perky, pert, puffed, quicksilver, ready to burst, resilient, roused, sibilant, sissing, sizzling, smacking, snappy, sniffing, sniffling, snoring, snuffling, souffle, souffleed, spanking, sparkling, spirited, sprightly, spry, spumescent, steamed up, stimulated, stirred, stirred up, thrilled, tingling, tingly, turned-on, vesicant, vesicated, vesicatory, vesicular, vivacious, volatile, wheezing, wheezy, whipped, whipped up, worked up, wrought up, yeasty, zingy