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Meaning of DUOLOGUE

Pronunciation:  'doou`log

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a part of the script in which the speaking roles are limited to two actors
  2. [n]  a conversation between two persons

DUOLOGUE is a 8 letter word that starts with D.


 See Also: dialog, dialogue, talk, talking



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: antimasque, audience success, ballet, bomb, broadcast drama, bull session, burlesque show, charade, chinfest, cliff hanger, closet drama, comedy drama, confab, confabulation, critical success, daytime serial, dialogue, documentary drama, drama, dramalogue, dramatic play, dramatic series, duodrama, epic theater, experimental theater, extravaganza, failure, flop, gasser, giveaway, Grand Guignol, happening, hit, hit show, improvisational drama, legitimate drama, masque, melodrama, minstrel show, miracle, miracle play, monodrama, monologue, morality, morality play, music drama, musical revue, mystery, mystery play, opera, pageant, palaver, panel show, pantomime, Passion play, pastoral, pastoral drama, piece, play, playlet, problem play, psychodrama, question-and-answer session, quiz show, radio drama, review, revue, sensational play, serial, show, sitcom, situation comedy, sketch, skit, soap, soap opera, sociodrama, spectacle, speech, stage play, stage show, straight drama, success, suspense drama, tableau, tableau vivant, talk, talk show, talkfest, teleplay, television drama, television play, theater of cruelty, Tom show, total theater, trialogue, variety show, vaudeville, vaudeville show, vehicle, word-of-mouth success, words, work