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Meaning of DOWNGRADE

Pronunciation:  'dawn`greyd

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the property possessed by a slope or surface that descends
  2. [v]  rate lower; lower in value or esteem

DOWNGRADE is a 9 letter word that starts with D.


 Antonyms: upgrade
 See Also: grade, grade, order, place, range, rank, rate



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abase, abridge, adown, aslant, aslantwise, aslope, at a slant, atilt, atrophy, belittle, below, break, bump, bust, cascade, cataract, chute, collapse, comedown, compress, crash, curtail, cut, cut back, cut down, damp, dampen, debacle, debase, decadence, declension, declination, decline, declined, declining, declivate, declivitous, declivity, declivous, decrease, decry, deduct, deflate, defluxion, degeneracy, degeneration, degrade, demerit, demote, denigrate, deplume, depose, depreciate, depress, descending, descension, descent, dethrone, devalue, devolution, diminish, dip, dipping, disenfranchise, disfranchise, disgrade, disparage, displace, displume, dispossess, down, down south, downbend, downcome, downcurve, downfall, downflow, downgate, downhill, downline, downplay, downpour, downright, downrush, downstairs, downstream, downstreet, downtown, downtrend, downturn, downward, downward trend, downwards, downwith, drop, dropping, fall, falling, falling off, falling-off, grade, gradient, gravitation, hang, hanging, humble, inclination, lessen, lower, mark down, minimize, off plumb, on the downgrade, on the skids, on the wane, pare, play down, plummeting, pounce, rakingly, rapids, reduce, retrench, roll back, run down, scale down, shorten, simplify, slantingly, slantways, slantwise, slaunchways, slipping, slopeways, slopingly, step down, stoop, strip of rank, swoop, take from, tipsily, tune down, undervalue, upgrade, uphill, waning, waterfall, write down, write off