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Meaning of DOUGH

Pronunciation:  dow

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll
  2. [n]  informal terms for money

DOUGH is a 5 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: bread, cabbage, dinero, gelt, kale, loot, lucre, moolah, pelf, shekels
 See Also: bread dough, concoction, flour, intermixture, mixture, money, pastry, pastry dough



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Dough\, n. [OE. dagh, dogh, dow, AS. d[=a]h; akin to D.
deeg, G. teig, Icel. deig, Sw. deg, Dan. deig, Goth. daigs;
also, to Goth. deigan to knead, L. fingere to form, shape,
Skr. dih to smear; cf. Gr. ? wall, ? to touch, handle. ?. Cf.
{Feign}, {Figure}, {Dairy}, {Duff}.]
1. Paste of bread; a soft mass of moistened flour or meal,
   kneaded or unkneaded, but not yet baked; as, to knead

2. Anything of the consistency of such paste.

{To have one's cake dough}. See under {Cake}.

Easton Bible Dictionary

(batsek, meaning "swelling," i.e., in fermentation). The dough the Israelites had prepared for baking was carried away by them out of Egypt in their kneading-troughs (Ex. 12:34, 39). In the process of baking, the dough had to be turned (Hos. 7:8).

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: albumen, batter, blubber, blunt, bonnyclabber, boodle, brass, bread, breeze, bucks, butter, cabbage, cash, chips, clabber, clay, coin, cornstarch, cream, curd, currency, cushion, dinero, down, egg white, eiderdown, feather bed, feathers, fleece, floss, flue, fluff, foam, gaum, gel, gelatin, gelt, gilt, glair, glop, glue, gluten, goo, gook, goop, grease, green, green stuff, greenbacks, gruel, gumbo, gunk, jack, jam, jell, jelly, kale, kapok, legal tender, loblolly, mazuma, molasses, moolah, mopus, mucilage, mucus, oil of palms, ointment, oof, ooftish, pap, paste, pillow, plush, porridge, pudding, puff, pulp, puree, putty, rhino, rob, rocks, rubber, satin, scratch, semifluid, semiliquid, shekels, silk, simoleons, size, soup, spondulics, starch, sticky mess, sugar, swansdown, syrup, the needful, thistledown, tin, treacle, velvet, wampum, wax, wool, zephyr