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Meaning of DIVIDE

Pronunciation:  di'vId

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a line that divides two adjacent river systems
  2. [v]  perform a division; "Can you divide 49 by seven?"
  3. [v]  separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"
  4. [v]  force, take, or pull apart; "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"
  5. [v]  come apart; "The two pieces that we had glued separated"
  6. [v]  make a division or separation
  7. [v]  act as a barrier between; stand between; "The mountain range divides the two countries"

DIVIDE is a 6 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: carve up, dissever, disunite, fraction, part, separate, separate, separate, separate, split, split up, water parting, watershed
 Antonyms: multiply, unify, unite
 See Also: Balkanise, Balkanize, break, break, break, break away, break off, break up, break up, bust, calculate, calve, canton, change, change integrity, chip, chip off, cipher, close off, come away, come off, compartmentalise, compartmentalize, compute, continental divide, cut, cut up, cypher, detach, detach, disarticulate, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint, dismember, dispel, disperse, displace, dissipate, divide, figure, format, gerrymander, gin, Great Divide, Great Dividing Range, halve, initialise, initialize, isolate, keep apart, line, lot, move, paragraph, parcel, partition, partition, partition off, polarise, polarize, quarter, rail, rail off, reckon, reduce, rupture, scatter, section, sectionalise, sectionalize, segment, segregate, sequester, sequestrate, set apart, sever, shut off, sliver, snap, splinter, subdivide, subdivide, take apart, tear, triangulate, unitise, unitize, work out, zone



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Di*vide"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Divided}; p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Dividing}.] [L. dividere, divisum; di- = dis- + root
    signifying to part; cf. Skr. vyadh to pierce; perh. akin to
    L. vidua widow, and E. widow. Cf. {Device}, {Devise}.]
    1. To part asunder (a whole); to sever into two or more parts
       or pieces; to sunder; to separate into parts.
             Divide the living child in two.       --1 Kings iii.
    2. To cause to be separate; to keep apart by a partition, or
       by an imaginary line or limit; as, a wall divides two
       houses; a stream divides the towns.
             Let it divide the waters from the waters. --Gen. i.
    3. To make partition of among a number; to apportion, as
       profits of stock among proprietors; to give in shares; to
       distribute; to mete out; to share.
             True justice unto people to divide.   --Spenser.
             Ye shall divide the land by lot.      --Num. xxxiii.
    4. To disunite in opinion or interest; to make discordant or
       hostile; to set at variance.
             If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom
             can not stand.                        --Mark iii.
             Every family became now divided within itself.
    5. To separate into two parts, in order to ascertain the
       votes for and against a measure; as, to divide a
       legislative house upon a question.
    6. (Math.) To subject to arithmetical division.
    7. (Logic) To separate into species; -- said of a genus or
       generic term.
    8. (Mech.) To mark divisions on; to graduate; as, to divide a
    9. (Music) To play or sing in a florid style, or with
       variations. [Obs.] --Spenser.
    Syn: To sever; dissever; sunder; cleave; disjoin; disunite;
         detach; disconnect; part; distribute; share.
  2. \Di*vide"\, v. i.
    1. To be separated; to part; to open; to go asunder.
             The Indo-Germanic family divides into three groups.
                                                   --J. Peile.
    2. To cause separation; to disunite.
             A gulf, a strait, the sea intervening between
             islands, divide less than the matted forest.
    3. To break friendship; to fall out. --Shak.
    4. To have a share; to partake. --Shak.
    5. To vote, as in the British Parliament, by the members
       separating themselves into two parties (as on opposite
       sides of the hall or in opposite lobbies), that is, the
       ayes dividing from the noes.
             The emperors sat, voted, and divided with their
             equals.                               --Gibbon.
  3. \Di*vide"\, n.
    A dividing ridge of land between the tributaries of two
    streams; a watershed.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aberrate, abrupt, add, aggravate, agree to differ, agree to disagree, algebraize, alienate, allocate, allot, alphabetize, analyze, anatomize, apportion, appraise, appreciate, arrange, assay, assess, assign, assort, atomize, ballot, be at variance, be in dissent, be partners in, beg to differ, bifurcate, bisect, bolt, bound, branch, branch out, break down, break up, break with, broach, by two, calculate, calibrate, caliper, canvass, carve, carve up, cast, cast a ballot, cast off, cast out, catalog, categorize, change, check a parameter, chink, chop, chop logic, cipher, circumscribe, class, classify, cleave, codify, collate, come between, compute, Continental Divide, contradistinguish, cooperate, cordon, cordon off, count, crack, crevasse, cull out, cut, cut adrift, cut in two, cut off, cut open, cut out, cut up, deal, deal out, decrease, delete, demarcate, demark, depart, deploy, desynonymize, detach, dial, dichotomize, differ, difference, differentiate, digest, dimidiate, disaccord, disaffect, disagree, disagree with, disarticulate, disburse, disconnect, discord, discord with, discriminate, disengage, disequalize, disjoin, disjoint, dispart, dispense, disperse, dissect, dissent, dissent from, dissociate, distinguish, distribute, district, disunite, divaricate, diverge, diversify, divide into shares, divide on, divide up, divide with, divorce, divvy, divvy up, divvy up with, dole out, dope out, draw the line, drop out, eject, enclose, estimate, estrange, evaluate, expel, extract roots, fall out, fan out, fan the flame, fathom, fence off, figure, figure in, figure out, file, fission, fissure, fix, fly open, fork, gauge, ghettoize, gin, give out, go away, go even stephen, go fifty-fifty, go halvers, go halves, go off, go shares, gradate, grade, graduate, Great Divide, group, halve, have a falling-out, in half, incise, increase, index, individualize, individuate, insulate, irritate, isolate, keep apart, keep aside, lay aside, lay open, leave, light the fuse, limit, list, make a distinction, make trouble, mark, mark off, mark out, mark the interface, measure, measure out, mensurate, mete, mete out, meter, modify, multiply, not agree, number, ope, open, open up, oppose, order, organize, outspread, pace, panel, parcel, parcel out, part, part company, particularize, partition, personalize, pick out, pigeonhole, pit against, place, plumb, plump, poll, portion, prize, probe, prorate, provoke, pull away, pull back, pull out, put aside, put in order, quantify, quantize, quarantine, quota, ramify, range, rank, rate, ration, reckon, reduce, reduce to elements, refine a distinction, rent, resolve, riddle, rift, rip, rive, score, screen, screen out, secede, seclude, section, segment, segregate, select, separate, sequester, set a limit, set against, set apart, set aside, set at odds, set at variance, set off, set on, sever, severalize, share, share in, share out, share with, shift, shut off, sic on, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, size, size up, slice, slice the pie, slice up, slit, sort, sort out, sound, sow dissension, span, specialize, splay, split, split hairs, split in two, split the difference, split up, spread, spread out, spring open, stand apart, stand aside, step, step aside, stir up trouble, subdivide, subordinate, subtilize, subtract, sunder, surround, survey, swing open, tabulate, take a reading, take account of, take exception, take issue, tally, tap, tear, tear open, thrash, thresh, throw off, throw open, throw out, transect, triangulate, type, uncouple, unyoke, valuate, value, vary, vote, wall off, water parting, watershed, weigh, winnow, withdraw, withhold assent, work out, zone