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Meaning of DISPEL

Pronunciation:  di'spel

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  force to go away; used both with concrete and metaphoric meanings; "Drive away potential burglars"; "drive away bad thoughts"; "dispel doubts"; "The supermarket had to turn back many disappointed customers"
  2. [v]  to cause to separate and go in different directions, of crowds, for example; "She waved her hand and scattered the crows."

DISPEL is a 6 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: break up, chase away, disperse, dissipate, drive away, drive off, drive out, run off, scatter, turn back
 See Also: banish, clear the air, disband, displace, divide, fire, frighten, move, separate, shoo, shoo away, shoo off



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Dis*pel"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Dispelled}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Dispelling}.] [L. dispellere; dis- + pellere to push,
drive. See {Pulse} a beating.]
To drive away by scattering, or so to cause to vanish; to
clear away; to banish; to dissipate; as, to dispel a cloud,
vapors, cares, doubts, illusions.

      [Satan] gently raised their fainting courage, and
      dispelled their fears.                   --Milton.

      I saw myself the lambent easy light Gild the brown
      horror, and dispel the night.            --Dryden.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: attenuate, be consumed, be gone, blow off, break up, cast forth, cast off, cease, cease to be, cease to exist, clear away, crumble, dematerialize, depart, die, die away, die out, dilute, disappear, disband, disintegrate, dismiss, disperse, dissipate, dissolve, diverge, do a fade-out, do away with, drive away, dwindle, eject, eliminate, erode, evanesce, evaporate, exit, expel, exterminate, fade, fade away, fade out, flee, fling off, fly, get rid of, go, go away, go separate ways, hide, leave no trace, leave the scene, liquidate, melt, melt away, oust, part, part company, pass, pass away, pass out, perish, purge, retire from sight, scatter, separate, shake off, shoo, sink, sink away, split up, suffer an eclipse, thin, thin out, throw away, throw off, unimportant, vanish, vanish from sight, volatilize, waste, waste away, wear away