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Meaning of DINGY

Pronunciation:  'dinggee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  depressing in character or appearance; "drove through dingy streets"; "the dismal prison twilight"- Charles Dickens; "drab old buildings"; "a dreary mining town"; "gloomy tenements"; "sorry routine that follows on the heels of death"- B.A.Williams
  2. [adj]  thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot; "a miner's begrimed face"; "dingy linen"; "grimy hands"; "grubby little fingers"; "a grungy kitchen"
  3. [adj]  (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear; "dirty" is often used in combination; "a dirty (or dingy) white"; "the muddied gray of the sea"; "muddy colors"; "dirty-green walls"; "dirty-blonde hair"

DINGY is a 5 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: begrimed, cheerless, dirty, dismal, drab, drear, dreary, gloomy, grimy, grubby, grungy, impure, muddied, muddy, raunchy, soiled, sorry, uncheerful, unclean



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Din"gy\, a. [Compar. {Dingier}; superl. {Dingiest}.]
[Prob. fr. dung. Cf. {Dungy}.]
Soiled; sullied; of a dark or dusky color; dark brown; dirty.
``Scraps of dingy paper.'' --Macaulay.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: achromatic, achromic, acier, anemic, ashen, ashy, besmirched, bled white, bloodless, blotchy, broken-down, cadaverous, canescent, cheerless, chloranemic, cinereous, cinerous, colorless, dapple, dappled, dappled-gray, dapple-gray, dark, dead, deadly pale, deathly pale, depressing, dilapidated, dim, dimmed, dirty, discolored, dismal, dove-colored, dove-gray, down-at-heel, drab, dreary, dull, dusky, dusty, etiolated, exsanguinated, exsanguine, exsanguineous, faded, faint, fallow, flat, fuliginous, ghastly, glaucescent, glaucous, gloomy, gray, gray-black, gray-brown, gray-colored, gray-drab, grayed, gray-green, grayish, gray-spotted, gray-toned, gray-white, grimy, griseous, grizzle, grizzled, grizzly, grubby, grungy, haggard, hueless, hypochromic, iron-gray, lackluster, leaden, lead-gray, livid, lurid, lusterless, mat, mealy, messy, miry, mouse-colored, mouse-gray, mousy, muddy, murky, neutral, pale, pale as death, pale-faced, pallid, pasty, pearl, pearl-gray, pearly, Quaker-colored, run-down, sad, sallow, scruffy, seedy, shabby, shadowy, sickly, silver, silvered, silver-gray, silvery, slate-colored, slaty, slovenly, smirched, smirchy, smoke-gray, smoky, smudgy, smutchy, smutty, snuffy, sober, soiled, somber, sooty, steel-gray, steely, stone-colored, sullied, tacky, tallow-faced, tarnished, taupe, tenebrous, threadbare, tired, toneless, uncolored, untidy, wan, washed-out, waxen, weak, whey-faced, white