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Pronunciation:  di`teereeu'reyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  process of changing to an inferior state
  2. [n]  a symptom of reduced quality or strength

DETERIORATION is a 13 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: declension, decline in quality, impairment, worsening
 See Also: corrosion, decay, decline, decrepitude, desolation, devastation, dilapidation, diminution, wear



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\De*te`ri*o*ra"tion\, n. [LL. deterioratio: cf. F.
The process of growing worse, or the state of having grown

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: about-face, accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, aggravation, alteration, amelioration, amplification, annoyance, apostasy, atrophy, augmentation, betterment, break, change, change of heart, changeableness, comedown, constructive change, contentiousness, continuity, conversion, crumbling, debasement, decadence, decadency, decay, decaying, declension, declination, decline, decomposition, deepening, defection, deformation, degeneracy, degenerateness, degeneration, degenerative change, degradation, deliberate aggravation, demotion, depravation, depravedness, depreciation, derogation, descent, devaluation, deviation, devolution, difference, discontinuity, disintegration, dislocation, disruption, dissolution, divergence, diversification, diversion, diversity, downfall, downgrade, downtrend, downturn, downward mobility, downward trend, drop, dry rot, dying, ebb, ebbing, effeteness, embittering, embitterment, enhancement, enlargement, exacerbation, exasperation, fading, failing, failure, failure of nerve, fall, falling-off, fitting, flip-flop, gradual change, heightening, impairment, improvement, increase, intensification, involution, irritation, lapse, lessening, loss of tone, magnification, melioration, mitigation, modification, modulation, overthrow, provocation, qualification, radical change, realignment, re-creation, redesign, reform, reformation, regression, remaking, renewal, reshaping, restructuring, retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression, reversal, revival, revivification, revolution, rotting, ruin, sharpening, shift, slippage, slump, souring, spoiling, sudden change, switch, total change, transition, turn, turnabout, upheaval, variation, variety, violent change, wane, waning, worsening