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Meaning of DETECTIVE

Pronunciation:  di'tektiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a police officer who investigates crimes
  2. [n]  an investigator engaged or employed in obtaining information not easily available to the public

DETECTIVE is a 9 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: investigator, police detective, tec
 See Also: dick, gumshoe, hawkshaw, officer, operative, PI, plainclothesman, police officer, policeman, private detective, private eye, private investigator, shamus, sherlock, sleuth, sleuthhound, tracer



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \De*tect"ive\, a.
    Fitted for, or skilled in, detecting; employed in detecting
    crime or criminals; as, a detective officer.
  2. \De*tect"ive\, n.
    One who business it is so detect criminals or discover
    matters of secrecy.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a detective in your dream means the thrills and dangers of an aspect of your waking life. Dreaming that you are a detective indicates that you are searching for your hidden abilities and talents. It also means that you are trying to solve a problem and seek the truth about an issue that is worrying you. Dreaming that you are being followed by a detective means guilt. Your character will be put under scrutiny and called into question.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: asker, bailiff, beadle, beagle, bound bailiff, Bow Street runner, captain, catchpole, catechist, chief of police, commissioner, constable, cop, copper, cross-interrogator, cross-questioner, deputy, deputy sheriff, dick, examiner, eye, FBI, FBI agent, fed, Federal, flic, gendarme, G-man, government man, gumshoe, hawkshaw, hotel detective, house detective, house dick, inquirer, inquiry agent, inquisitionist, inquisitor, inspector, interlocutor, interpellator, interrogator, interrogatrix, interviewer, investigator, lictor, lieutenant, mace-bearer, marshal, mounted policeman, MP, narc, officer, operative, opinion-sampler, patrolman, peace officer, peeper, plainclothesman, police captain, police commissioner, police constable, police detective, police inspector, police matron, police officer, police sergeant, policeman, policewoman, poller, pollster, portreeve, private detective, private eye, private investigator, prober, querier, querist, questioner, questionist, quizzer, reeve, revenuer, roundsman, sampler, secret agent, Secret Service, sergeant, sergeant at arms, sheriff, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, sleuth, snoop, snooper, store detective, superintendent, tec, tipstaff, tipstaves, T-man, treasury agent, trooper