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Meaning of DERIVE FROM

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accept, accrue from, acquire, admit, adopt, affiliate to, appropriate, arise, arise from, assume, be contingent on, be due to, bud from, come by, come from, come in for, come out of, copy, depend on, derive, descend from, drag down, draw, draw from, emanate, emanate from, emerge from, ensue from, father, filiate to, flow, flow from, follow from, gain, germinate from, get, grow from, grow out of, hang on, have, have coming in, head, hinge on, imitate, infringe, issue, issue from, make use of, mock, obtain, originate, originate in, pirate, plagiarize, proceed, proceed from, pull down, receive, rise, secure, simulate, spring from, sprout from, steal, stem, stem from, take, take in, take on, take over, trace to, turn on