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Meaning of DEPTH

Pronunciation:  depth

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  degree of psychological or intellectual depth
  2. [n]  extent downward or backward or inward; "the depth of the water"; "depth of a shelf"; "depth of a closet"
  3. [n]  the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas
  4. [n]  (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part; "from the depths of darkest Africa"; "signals received from the depths of space"
  5. [n]  (usually plural) a low moral state; "he had sunk to the depths of addiction"

DEPTH is a 5 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: astuteness, profoundness, profundity
 See Also: abasement, abjection, back of beyond, deepness, degradation, degree, draft, draught, extent, grade, level, part, penetration, profoundness, profundity, region, sapience, shallowness, sounding, superficiality, wisdom



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Depth\ (s[e^]pth), n. [From {Deep}; akin to D. diepte,
    Icel. d[=y]pt, d[=y]p[eth], Goth. diupi[thorn]a.]
    1. The quality of being deep; deepness; perpendicular
       measurement downward from the surface, or horizontal
       measurement backward from the front; as, the depth of a
       river; the depth of a body of troops.
    2. Profoundness; extent or degree of intensity; abundance;
       completeness; as, depth of knowledge, or color.
             Mindful of that heavenly love Which knows no end in
             depth or height.                      --Keble.
    3. Lowness; as, depth of sound.
    4. That which is deep; a deep, or the deepest, part or place;
       the deep; the middle part; as, the depth of night, or of
             From you unclouded depth above.       --Keble.
             The depth closed me round about.      --Jonah ii. 5.
    5. (Logic) The number of simple elements which an abstract
       conception or notion includes; the comprehension or
    6. (Horology) A pair of toothed wheels which work together.
    {Depth of a sail} (Naut.), the extent of a square sail from
       the head rope to the foot rope; the length of the after
       leach of a staysail or boom sail; -- commonly called the
       {drop of a sail}.
  2. \Depth\, n. (A["e]ronautics)
    The perpendicular distance from the chord to the farthest
    point of an arched surface.
Biology Dictionary
  1. Vertical distance from the water surface to the streambed.
  2. Vertical distance from crest or crown to invert of a conduit.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abstruseness, abysm, abyss, acumen, amplitude, area, astuteness, bigness, bodily size, body, bottomless pit, brain, breadth, brightness, brilliance, brilliancy, broad-mindedness, bulk, caliber, cavity, chasm, classical pitch, coarseness, complexity, comprehensively, corpulence, coverage, crater, crevasse, deep, deeply, deepness, deeps, depths, diameter, dimension, dimensions, distance through, draft, drop, erudition, expanse, expansion, extension, extensively, extent, fatness, French pitch, gauge, girth, good understanding, greatness, grossness, gulf, height, high pitch, hole, hollow, in detail, innerness, inness, insight, intellect, intelligence, intensity, intensively, interiority, internality, internalization, intricacy, intrinsicality, introversion, intuition, inwardness, keenness, key, largeness, length, low pitch, lowness, magnitude, mass, measure, measurement, mellow wisdom, nadir, new philharmonic pitch, note, obscurity, penetration, perception, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, philharmonic pitch, philosophical pitch, pit, pitch, profoundly, profoundness, profundity, proportion, proportions, radius, range, reach, reconditeness, register, richness, ripe wisdom, sagacity, sageness, sapience, scale, scope, seasoned understanding, sense, shaft, sharpness, size, Sophia, sound understanding, sounding, spread, standard pitch, strength, the third dimension, thickness, thoroughly, tonality, tone, tune, understanding, vividness, volume, well, width, wisdom, wiseness, yawning abyss