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Meaning of DEPART FROM

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, back out, be distinct, be distinguished, bear off, beg off, bend, branch off, change the bearing, clash with, conflict with, contrast with, cry off, curve, detour, deviate, deviate from, differ, digress, disaccord with, disagree with, discard, divagate, divaricate, divaricate from, diverge, diverge from, drop out, evacuate, forsake, go back on, heel, jar with, jettison, jilt, leave, leave behind, leave flat, maroon, not accord with, not square with, pull out, quit, quit cold, renege, say goodbye to, sheer, shift, stand apart, stand down, stand over against, swerve, tack, take leave of, throw over, trend, turn, turn aside, vacate, vary, veer, withdraw