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Meaning of CRITTER

Pronunciation:  'kritur

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a regional term for creature (especially domestic animals)

CRITTER is a 7 letter word that starts with C.


 See Also: animal, animate being, beast, brute, creature, fauna



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: an existence, animal, aurochs, beast, beef, beef cattle, beeves, being, bison, body, bossy, bovine, bovine animal, Brahman, brood mare, brute, buffalo, bull, bullock, calf, carabao, cattle, charger, colt, courser, cow, creature, creeping thing, dairy cattle, dairy cow, dobbin, dogie, dumb animal, dumb friend, entelechy, entire, entire horse, entity, equine, filly, foal, gelding, heifer, hornless cow, horse, Houyhnhnm, Indian buffalo, individual, kine, leppy, life, living being, living thing, mare, maverick, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker, monad, mount, muley cow, muley head, musk-ox, nag, neat, object, organism, ox, oxen, person, persona, personality, prancer, something, soul, stallion, steed, steer, stirk, stot, stud, studhorse, tarpan, thing, top horse, unit, varmint, war-horse, wild horse, wisent, yak, yearling, zebu