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Meaning of CRAZY

Pronunciation:  'kreyzee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  someone deranged and possibly dangerous
  2. [adj]  (informal) intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with; "crazy about cars and racing"
  3. [adj]  (informal) possessed by inordinate excitement; "the crowd went crazy"; "was crazy to try his new bicycle"
  4. [adj]  bizarre or fantastic; "had a crazy dream"; "wore a crazy hat"
  5. [adj]  marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness; "she was crazy about him"; "gaga over the rock group's new album"; "he was infatuated with her"
  6. [adj]  (informal) foolish; totally unsound; "an impractical solution"; "a crazy scheme"; "half-baked ideas"; "a screwball proposal without a prayer of working"
  7. [adj]  affected with madness or insanity; "a man who had gone mad"

CRAZY is a 5 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: brainsick, demented, distracted, disturbed, dotty, enamored, enthusiastic, excited, gaga, half-baked, impractical, in love, infatuated, insane, looney, loony, loving, mad, meshuga, meshugge, screwball, sick, smitten, soft on(p), softheaded, strange, taken with(p), unbalanced, unhinged, unusual, weirdo
 See Also: lunatic, madman, maniac



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cra"zy\ (kr[=a]"z[y^]), a. [From {Craze}.]
1. Characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken;
   falling to decay; shaky; unsafe.

         Piles of mean andcrazy houses.        --Macaulay.

         One of great riches, but a crazy constitution.

         They . . . got a crazy boat to carry them to the
         island.                               --Jeffrey.

2. Broken, weakened, or dissordered in intellect; shattered;
   demented; deranged.

         Over moist and crazy brains.          --Hudibras.

3. Inordinately desirous; foolishly eager. [Colloq.]

         The girls were crazy to be introduced to him. --R.
                                               B. Kimball.

{Crazy bone}, the bony projection at the end of the elbow
   (olecranon), behind which passes the ulnar nerve; -- so
   called on account of the curiously painful tingling felt,
   when, in a particular position, it receives a blow; --
   called also {funny bone}.

{Crazy quilt}, a bedquilt made of pieces of silk or other
   material of various sizes, shapes, and colors, fancifully
   stitched together without definite plan or arrangement.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are going crazy, suggests that you have lost sight of your goals. You may feel that you are no longer able to depend on someone. Alternatively, you may feel that your opinions, viewpoints or decisions are not being accepted or being ignored. You may feel like an outsider.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abnormal, absurd, anamorphous, ape, apish, arrested, asinine, askew, asymmetric, avid, babbling, backward, balmy, bananas, barmy, bats, batty, befooled, beguiled, bent, bereft of reason, besotted, beyond belief, bicolor, bicolored, big, bizarre, blithering, bonkers, bowed, brainless, brainsick, buffoonish, burbling, certifiable, cockamamie, cockeyed, colorful, colory, contorted, crackbrained, cracked, crackers, crackpot, crazed, credulous, cretinistic, cretinous, crooked, crumpled, crunched, cuckoo, daedal, daffy, daft, damned, dazed, deluded, demented, deprived of reason, deranged, deviative, dichromatic, dippy, disoriented, distorted, distraught, dithering, divers-colored, dizzy, doting, dotty, dreadful, driveling, drooling, dumb, eager, enthusiastic, erratic, excited, extravagant, fantastic, fatuitous, fatuous, flaked-out, flaky, flighty, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, fuddled, futile, gaga, goofy, grotesque, gulled, half-baked, half-witted, hallucinated, harebrained, harlequin, high-flown, idiotic, ill-considered, imbecile, imbecilic, impracticable, impractical, imprudent, inane, incredible, inept, infatuated, insane, irrational, irregular, kaleidoscopic, keen, keen on, kooky, labyrinthine, larruping, laughable, lawful, loco, loony, lopsided, ludicrous, lunatic, mad, maddened, main, maniac, manic, many-colored, maudlin, maundering, mazed, medley, mental, mentally defective, mentally deficient, mentally handicapped, mentally retarded, meshuggah, mongoloid, monstrous, moonstruck, moon-struck, moronic, motley, multicolor, multicolored, multicolorous, non compos, non compos mentis, nonsensical, nonsymmetric, not all there, not right, nuts, nutty, odd, of unsound mind, off, one-sided, outrageous, outre, parti-color, parti-colored, pointless, polychromatic, polychrome, polychromic, poppycockish, possessed, potty, preposterous, prismal, psycho, queer, rash, reasonless, reckless, retarded, ridiculous, risible, round the bend, sappy, screwball, screwy, senseless, sentimental, shot, shot through, sick, silly, simple, simpleminded, simpletonian, slobbering, spectral, sprung, stark-mad, stark-staring mad, strange, stupid, subnormal, tetched, thoughtless, thunder and lightning, tortuous, touched, trichromatic, trichromic, tricolor, tricolored, twisted, two-tone, unbalanced, unhinged, unsane, unsettled, unsound, unsymmetric, unworkable, varicolored, variegated, versicolor, versicolored, wacky, wandering, warped, weird, wet, wild, witless, zealous