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Meaning of CRATER

Pronunciation:  'kreytur, 'kreytur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb
  2. [n]  a faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near Hydra and Corvus
  3. [n]  a bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano

CRATER is a 6 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: volcanic crater
 See Also: caldera, cleft, collector, constellation, crack, crevice, depression, fissure, lunar crater, maar, natural depression, scissure, volcano



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cra"ter\ (kr?t?r), n. [L. crater, cratera, a mixing
vessel, the mouth of a volcano, Gr. krath`r, fr. keranny`nai
to mix; cf. Skr. [,c]r[imac] to mix, [,c]ir to cook,
[,c]r[=a] to cook. Cf. {Grail}, in Holy Grail.]
1. The basinlike opening or mouth of a volcano, through which
   the chief eruption comes; similarly, the mouth of a
   geyser, about which a cone of silica is often built up.

2. (Mil.) The pit left by the explosion of a mine.

3. (Astron.) A constellation of the southen hemisphere; --
   called also the {Cup}.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a crater in your dream indicates that aspects of your unconscious are being slowly revealed to you. This dream symbol is also symbolic of past memories and experiences.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abysm, abyss, alveolation, alveolus, antrum, armpit, basin, birthmark, blackhead, bleb, blemish, blister, bowl, bulla, cavity, chasm, check, cicatrix, comedo, concave, concavity, crack, craze, crevasse, crypt, cup, deep, defacement, defect, deformation, deformity, depression, depth, dip, disfiguration, disfigurement, distortion, fault, flaw, fold, follicle, freckle, funnel chest, gulf, hemangioma, hickey, hole, hollow, hollow shell, keloid, kink, lacuna, lentigo, milium, mole, needle scar, nevus, pimple, pit, pock, pocket, pockmark, port-wine mark, port-wine stain, punch bowl, pustule, rift, scab, scar, scoop, scratch, sebaceous cyst, shaft, shell, sink, sinus, socket, split, strawberry mark, sty, track, trough, twist, verruca, vesicle, vug, wale, warp, wart, weal, well, welt, wen, whitehead, yawning abyss