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Meaning of COVER-UP

Pronunciation:  'kuvur up

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an attempt to prevent something embarrassing from becoming public
  2. [v]  conceal the truth; "The White House covered up the burglary"
  3. [v]  hide from view or knowledge; "The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House"

COVER-UP is a 8 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: cover
 See Also: conceal, concealing, concealment, cover for, gloss over, hide, hiding, hush up, lie, sleek over, whitewash



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: act, act a part, affect, alibi, apology, apply to, assume, be the goat, becloud, befog, blanket, blind, block, bluff, camouflage, canopy, cloak, clothe, cloud, color, conceal, cope, counterfeit, cover, cover story, cowl, curtain, device, disguise, dissemble, dissimulate, distract attention from, eclipse, ensconce, enshroud, envelop, excuse, facade, fake, feign, feint, film, four-flush, front, front for, gammon, gloss, gloss over, guise, handle, hide, hood, keep under cover, lame excuse, lay on, lay over, let on, let on like, locus standi, make a pretense, make as if, make believe, make like, mantle, mask, muffle, obduce, obfuscate, obscure, occult, ostensible motive, overlay, overspread, play, play a part, play possum, playact, poor excuse, pretend, pretense, pretension, pretext, profess, protestation, public motive, put on, put-off, refuge, screen, scum, semblance, shade, sham, shield, show, shroud, simulate, slur over, smoke screen, spread over, stalking-horse, stratagem, subterfuge, superimpose, superpose, trick, varnish, veil, whitewash