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Pronunciation:  kun`sidu'reyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a considerate and thoughtful act
  2. [n]  kind and considerate regard for others; "he showed no consideration for her feelings"
  3. [n]  the process of giving careful thought to something
  4. [n]  information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take"
  5. [n]  a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting); "consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour"
  6. [n]  a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone

CONSIDERATION is a 13 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: circumstance, condition, considerateness, retainer, thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness
 Antonyms: inconsiderateness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness
 See Also: advisement, attentiveness, benignity, cerebration, contemplation, deliberation, discourse, discussion, exploration, fee, information, intellection, justification, kindness, kindness, mentation, mitigating circumstance, musing, reconsideration, reflection, reflexion, rumination, tact, tactfulness, thinking, thought, thoughtfulness, treatment, weighing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Con*sid`er*a"tion\, n. [L. consideratio: cf. F.
1. The act or process of considering; continuous careful
   thought; examination; contemplation; deliberation;

         Let us think with consideration.      --Sir P.

         Consideration, like an angel, came.   --Shak.

2. Attentive respect; appreciative regard; -- used especially
   in diplomatic or stately correspondence.

         The undersigned has the honor to repeat to Mr.
         Hulseman the assurance of his high consideration.
                                               --D. Webster.

         The consideration with which he was treated.

3. Thoughtful or sympathetic regard or notice.

         Consideration for the poor is a doctrine of the
         church.                               --Newman.

4. Claim to notice or regard; some degree of importance or

         Lucan is the only author of consideration among the
         Latin poets who was not explained for . . . the
         Dauphin.                              --Addison.

5. The result of delibration, or of attention and
   examonation; matured opinion; a reflection; as,
   considerations on the choice of a profession.

6. That which is, or should be, taken into account as a
   ground of opinion or action; motive; reason.

         He was obliged, antecedent to all other
         considerations, to search an asylum.  --Dryden.

         Some considerations which are necessary to the
         forming of a correct judgment.        --Macaulay.

7. (Law) The cause which moves a contracting party to enter
   into an agreement; the material cause of a contract; the
   price of a stripulation; compensation; equivalent.

Note: Consideration is what is done, or promised to be done,
      in exchange for a promise, and ``as a mere advantage to
      the promisor without detriment to the promisee would
      not avail, the proper test is detriment to the
      promisee.'' --Wharton.

Legal Dictionary
 Definition: The price bargained for and paid for a promise, goods, or real estate.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accent, accommodatingness, account, action, admiration, adoration, advertence, advertency, advisement, agreeableness, airing, alertness, ambition, amends, analysis, anticipation, apotheosis, application, appreciation, approbation, approval, argument, argumentum, aspiration, assiduity, assiduousness, assumption, atonement, attention, attention span, attentiveness, attitude, award, awareness, awe, baksheesh, balance, ballast, basis, blood money, bonus, bounty, breathless adoration, bribe, brooding, buzz session, calling, canvassing, care, carefulness, caring, case, cause, caution, circumspection, circumspectness, climate of opinion, cogitation, colloquium, common belief, community sentiment, compassion, compensation, complaisance, conceit, concentration, concept, conception, concern, concernment, conclusion, condemnation, conference, cons, consciousness, consensus gentium, consequence, consequentiality, considerateness, contemplation, cool judgment, counsel, counterbalance, counterpoise, counterweight, courtesy, credit, damages, debate, debating, decision, decree, deference, deification, deliberation, delicacy, deliverance, determination, diagnosis, dialectic, dialogue, dictum, diligence, discreetness, discretion, discrimination, discussion, donative, doom, double time, duty, ear, earnestness, elenchus, emolument, emphasis, equipoise, equivalent, esteem, estimate, estimation, ethos, exaggerated respect, examination, excellence, exchange of views, eye, favor, fee, feeling, finding, forbearance, forethought, forum, general belief, give-and-take, goal, good judgment, gratuity, gravy, grease, great respect, ground, guerdon, guiding light, guiding star, heed, heedfulness, helpfulness, hero worship, high order, high rank, high regard, homage, honor, honorarium, idea, ideal, idolatry, idolization, ignoratio elenchi, import, importance, impression, incentive pay, indemnification, indemnity, inducement, indulgence, inspiration, intention, intentiveness, intentness, interest, investigation, joint discussion, judgment, judiciousness, kindliness, kindness, lagniappe, largess, leniency, liberality, lights, lodestar, logical analysis, logical discussion, loving care, lucubration, mainspring, makeweight, mark, materiality, matter, meditation, meed, mercy, merit, mind, mindfulness, moment, motive, musing, mystique, note, notice, notion, obligingness, observance, observation, offset, open discussion, open forum, opinion, order, palm oil, panel discussion, paramountcy, payment, perks, perquisite, personal judgment, plaidoyer, plea, pleading, point of view, policy, polity, pondering, popular belief, position, posture, pourboire, precedence, precedent, preeminence, premium, preparedness, prestige, presumption, prevailing belief, price, primacy, principle, priority, prognosis, pronouncement, pros, pros and cons, providence, prudence, prudentialism, public belief, public opinion, quarter, quid pro quo, quittance, rap, rap session, reaction, reason, recompense, redress, reflection, reflectiveness, refutation, regard, regardfulness, remark, remuneration, reparation, requital, requitement, resolution, respect, restitution, retribution, return, reverence, reverential regard, review, revolving, reward, ruling, rumination, sake, salvage, salve, satisfaction, score, self-importance, seminar, sentence, sentiment, setoff, sight, significance, smart money, solatium, solicitousness, solicitude, something extra, something of value, sound judgment, soundness of judgment, source, special pleading, speculation, sportula, spring, stance, stress, study, superiority, supremacy, sweetener, symposium, tact, tactfulness, talking point, tender loving care, theory, thinking, thought, thoughtfulness, tip, tit for tat, TLC, toleration, town meeting, treatment, Trinkgeld, ulterior motive, value, veneration, ventilation, verdict, view, vocation, way of thinking, weighing, weight, wergild, worship, worth