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Meaning of COMPOSER

Pronunciation:  kum'powzur

WordNet Dictionary

COMPOSER is a 8 letter word that starts with C.


 See Also: Aaron Copland, Alban Berg, Aleksandr Borodin, Aleksandr Porfirevich Borodin, Anton Bruckner, Antonin Dvorak, Arthur Honegger, Bach, ballad maker, Barber, Bartok, Beethoven, Bela Bartok, Bellini, Benjamin Britten, Berg, Berlioz, Bernstein, Bizet, Blitzstein, Bloch, Borodin, Boulez, Brahms, Britten, Bruch, Bruckner, Byrd, Cage, Carlos Chavez, Cesar Franck, Charles Francois Gounod, Chavez, Cherubini, Chopin, Christoph Willibald von Gluck, Claude Achille Debussy, Claude Debussey, Clement Philibert Leo Delibes, contrapuntist, Copland, Couperin, Coward, Czerny, Debussy, Delibes, Delius, Donizetti, Dowland, Dukas, Dvorak, Edvard Grieg, Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Edward Benjamin Britten, Elgar, Enesco, Engelbert Humperdinck, Ernest Bloch, Falla, Franck, Francois Couperin, Franz Joseph Haydn, Frederic Francois Chopin, Frederick Delius, Fromental Halevy, Gaetano Donizetti, Georg Friedrich Handel, George Enescu, George Frederick Handel, George Gershwin, George Percy Aldridge Grainger, Georges Bizet, Georges Enesco, Gershwin, Glinka, Gluck, Gounod, Grainger, Grieg, Halevy, Handel, Handy, Haydn, Hector Berlioz, Hindemith, Honegger, Humperdinck, Ibert, Jacques Francois Antoine Ibert, Jacques Francois Fromental Elie Halevy, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, John Cage, John Dowland, John Milton Cage Jr., Joseph Haydn, Karl Czerny, Leo Delibes, Leonard Bernstein, Lord Britten of Aldeburgh, Louis-Hector Berlioz, Ludwig van Beethoven, Luigi Cherubini, Manuel de Falla, Marc Blitzstein, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Cherubini, Max Bruch, Mikhail Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, musician, Noel Coward, Paul Dukas, Paul Hindemith, Percy Aldridge Grainger, Percy Grainger, Pierre Boulez, psalmist, Samuel Barber, Sir Edward Elgar, Sir Edward William Elgar, Sir Noel Pierce Coward, songster, songwriter, van Beethoven, Vincenzo Bellini, W. C. Handy, William Byrd, William Christopher Handy



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Com*pos"er\, n.
1. One who composes; an author. Specifically, an author of a
   piece of music.

         If the thoughts of such authors have nothing in
         them, they at least . . . show an honest industry
         and a good intention in the composer. --Addison.

         His [Mozart's] most brilliant and solid glory is
         founded upon his talents as a composer. --Moore
                                               (Encyc. of

2. One who, or that which, quiets or calms; one who adjusts a

         Sweet composers of the pensive soul.  --Gay.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are a composer means that you are crSeeing or eating or directing new found energies to a situation or aspect of your life.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advertising writer, annalist, arranger, art critic, author, authoress, ballad maker, balladeer, balladist, balladmonger, belletrist, bibliographer, coauthor, collaborator, columnist, compiler, contrapuntist, copywriter, creative writer, critic, dance critic, diarist, drama critic, dramatist, encyclopedist, essayist, ethnomusicologist, free lance, free-lance writer, ghost, ghostwriter, harmonist, harmonizer, humorist, hymnist, hymnographer, hymnologist, inditer, librettist, literary artist, literary craftsman, literary critic, literary man, litterateur, logographer, madrigalist, magazine writer, man of letters, melodist, melodizer, monographer, music critic, musicographer, musicologist, newspaperman, novelettist, novelist, orchestrator, pamphleteer, penwoman, poet, prose writer, reviewer, scenario writer, scenarist, scorer, scribe, scriptwriter, short-story writer, song writer, songsmith, storyteller, symphonist, technical writer, tone poet, tunesmith, word painter, wordsmith, writer