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Pronunciation:  [n]'kâmplumunt, [v]'kâmplu`ment, 'kâmplemunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  something added to complete or make perfect; "a fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner"
  2. [n]  either of two parts that mutually complete each other
  3. [n]  a word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction
  4. [n]  number needed to make up whole force; "a full complement of workers"
  5. [n]  a complete number or quantity; "a full complement"
  6. [n]  one of a series of enzymes in the blood serum that are part of the immune response
  7. [v]  make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to; "I need some pepper to complement the sweet touch in the soup"

COMPLEMENT is a 10 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: full complement
 See Also: balance, company, construction, count, counterpart, enzyme, equilibrate, equilibrise, equilibrize, expression, grammatical construction, hands, immune reaction, immune response, immunologic response, increase, increment, manpower, men, opposite number, ship's company, vis-a-vis, work force, workforce



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Com"ple*ment\, n. [L. complementun: cf. F.
    compl['e]ment. See {Complete}, v. t., and cf. {Compliment}.]
    1. That which fills up or completes; the quantity or number
       required to fill a thing or make it complete.
    2. That which is required to supply a deficiency, or to
       complete a symmetrical whole.
             History is the complement of poetry.  --Sir J.
    3. Full quantity, number, or amount; a complete set;
             To exceed his complement and number appointed him
             which was one hundred and twenty persons. --Hakluyt.
    4. (Math.) A second quantity added to a given quantity to
       make it equal to a third given quantity.
    5. Something added for ornamentation; an accessory. [Obs.]
             Without vain art or curious complements. --Spenser.
    6. (Naut.) The whole working force of a vessel.
    7. (Mus.) The interval wanting to complete the octave; -- the
       fourth is the complement of the fifth, the sixth of the
    8. A compliment. [Obs.] --Shak.
    {Arithmetical compliment of a logarithm}. See under
    {Arithmetical complement of a number} (Math.), the difference
       between that number and the next higher power of 10; as, 4
       is the complement of 6, and 16 of 84.
    {Complement of an} {arc or angle} (Geom.), the difference
       between that arc or angle and 90[deg].
    {Complement of a parallelogram}. (Math.) See {Gnomon}.
    {In her complement} (Her.), said of the moon when represented
       as full.
  2. \Com"ple*ment\, v. t.
    1. To supply a lack; to supplement. [R.]
    2. To compliment. [Obs.] --Jer. Taylor.
Computing Dictionary

The other value or values in the set of possible values.

See logical complement, bitwise complement, set complement.

Biology Dictionary
  1. A protein system that helps antibodies stage a defense against antigens.
  2. A biochemical substance (e.g. protein, vitamin, mineral, etc.) that is added to a food to improve its nutritional quality or to correct a deficiency created in cooking or processing.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: A to izzard, A to Z, accession, accessory, accompaniment, add to, addenda, addendum, additament, addition, additive, additory, additum, adjunct, adjuvant, age group, aggregate, all, all and sundry, allowance, ally, alpha and omega, alter ego, analogon, analogue, annex, annexation, answer, answer to, appanage, appendage, appendant, appositive, appurtenance, appurtenant, assemblage, associate, attachment, attribute, attributive, augment, augmentation, bakehead, band, battalion, be-all, be-all and end-all, beginning and end, bellyful, bevy, black gang, body, boilerman, brigade, brother, bumper, bunch, bungs, cabal, cabin boy, capacity, cast, charge, chips, clique, close copy, close match, coda, coequal, cognate, cohort, commissary steward, companion, company, complete, completion, concomitant, confirmation, congenator, congener, construction modifier, consummation, contingent, continuation, coordinate, corollary, corps, correlate, correlative, correspond, correspond to, correspondent, coterie, counterpart, covey, cram, crew, crowd, crush, cutting, deckhand, deckie, deep structure, detachment, detail, direct object, division, each and every, eight, eleven, enhance, enhancement, enrichment, equivalent, everything, extension, extrapolation, faction, fellow, fill, filler, fireman, first string, first team, five, fixture, fleet, form-function unit, full house, full measure, function, gang, group, grouping, groupment, gun loader, gunner, hand, hospital steward, IC analysis, image, immediate constituent analysis, increase, increment, indirect object, in-group, jam up, junta, kindred spirit, lading, landing signalman, length and breadth, levels, like, likeness, load, mail orderly, makeweight, mate, mob, modifier, mouthful, movement, navigator, near duplicate, nine, object, obverse, offshoot, oiler, one and all, outfit, out-group, pack, package, package deal, parallel, party, peer group, pendant, perfect, perfection, phalanx, phrase structure, picture, platoon, posse, predicate, purser, qualifier, quorum, quota, radio operator, ranks, reciprocal, reciprocate, regiment, reinforcement, reserves, respond to, round out, roustabout, rowing crew, salon, second self, second string, second team, set, set off, shallow structure, side effect, side issue, similitude, simulacrum, sister, skinful, slot, slot and filler, snip, snips, snootful, soul mate, sparks, squad, stable, steward, stewardess, stoker, strata, string, structure, subject, such, suchlike, supplement, surface structure, syntactic analysis, syntactic structure, syntactics, syntax, tagmeme, tailpiece, tally, team, the corpus, the ensemble, the entirety, the like of, the likes of, the lot, the whole, the whole range, third string, top off, torpedoman, tribe, troop, troupe, twin, undergirding, underlying structure, varsity, watch, wing, word arrangement, word order, yeoman