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Meaning of COMPANION

Pronunciation:  kum'panyun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  one paid to accompany or assist or live with another
  2. [n]  a person who is frequently in the company of another; "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"
  3. [n]  a traveler who accompanies you
  4. [v]  be a companion to somebody

COMPANION is a 9 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: accompany, associate, company, comrade, familiar, fellow, fellow traveler, fellow traveller, keep company
 See Also: affiliate, associate, assort, attendant, attender, consort, date, escort, friend, playfellow, playmate, tender, traveler, traveller



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Com*pan"ion\, n. [F. compagnon, OF. compaing, fr. an
    assumed LL. companio (cf. companium fellowship, a mess), fr.
    L. com- + panis bread. See {Pantry}.]
    1. One who accompanies or is in company with another for a
       longer or shorter period, either from choice or casually;
       one who is much in the company of, or is associated with,
       another or others; an associate; a comrade; a consort; a
             The companions of his fall.           --Milton.
             The companion of fools shall smart for it. --Prov.
                                                   xiii. 20 (Rev.
             Here are your sons again; and I must lose Two of the
             sweetest companions in the world.     --Shak.
             A companion is one with whom we share our bread; a
             messmate.                             --Trench.
    2. A knight of the lowest rank in certain orders; as, a
       companion of the Bath.
    3. A fellow; -- in contempt. [Obs.] --Shak.
    4. [Cf. OSp. compa[~n]a an outhouse, office.] (Naut.)
       (a) A skylight on an upper deck with frames and sashes of
           various shapes, to admit light to a cabin or lower
       (b) A wooden hood or penthouse covering the companion way;
           a companion hatch.
    {Companion hatch} (Naut.), a wooden porch over the entrance
       or staircase of the cabin.
    {Companion ladder} (Naut.), the ladder by which officers
       ascend to, or descend from, the quarter-deck. --Totten.
    {Companion way} (Naut.), a staircase leading to the cabin.
    {Knights companions}, in certain honorary orders, the members
       of the lowest grades as distinguished from knights
       commanders, knights grand cross, and the like.
    Syn: Associate; comrade; mate; compeer; partner; ally;
         confederate; coadjutor; accomplice.
  2. \Com*pan"ion\, v. t.
    1. To be a companion to; to attend on; to accompany. [R.]
    2. To qualify as a companion; to make equal. [Obs.]
             Companion me with my mistress.        --Shak.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abigail, accompanier, accompanist, accompanyist, ace, adjunct, ally, alter ego, amah, amiable, amigo, analogon, analogue, associate, attend, attendant, au pair girl, ayah, bachelor, back, back stairs, balance rudder, banneret, baronet, batten, Bayard, beak, beakhead, beam, bear, bedfellow, bedmate, betweenmaid, biddy, bilge keelson, bitt, board, bodyguard, bollard, bollard timber, bosom buddy, bow, bracket plate, bridge, bring, brother, brother-in-arms, buddy, bulkhead, bulwarks, bunkie, bunkmate, butty, caballero, cam cleat, camarade, capstan, carling, carry, casemate, cathead, cavalier, ceiling, centerboard, chamberfellow, chambermaid, chaperon, chaperone, chevalier, chum, classmate, cleat, close copy, close match, coadjutor, cognate, cohort, colleague, comate, companion, companion piece, companionable, companionway, company, compatriot, compeer, complacent, complement, comrade, concomitant, conduct, conductor, confederate, confrere, congenator, congener, conning tower, consociate, consort, consort with, convivial, convoy, cook, coordinate, copartner, copy, correlate, correlative, correspondent, counter, counterpart, crony, cutwater, daggerboard, davit, dead ringer, deadwood, Don Quixote, double, duenna, duplicate, effigy, enchiridion, entrance, equivalent, escalier, escort, esquire, exact likeness, fantail, fellow, fellow member, fellow student, fellow traveler, femme de chambre, figurehead, fille de chambre, fire escape, flight of steps, forefoot, foresheets, foretop, frame, freeboard, futtock, gangplank, gangway, garboard strake, Gawain, gentlewoman, girl, girl friend, good-natured, gossip, guard, gudgeon, guide, gunnel, gunwale, handbook, handmaid, handmaiden, hatch, hatchway, hawse, hawse timber, hawsehole, hawsepiece, hawsepipe, head, heel, hired girl, housemaid, icon, idol, image, incline, island, keel, keel and keelson, keelson, kevel, kindred spirit, kitchenmaid, knee, knight, knight bachelor, knight banneret, knight baronet, knight-errant, lady-help, lady-in-waiting, Lancelot, landing, landing stage, larboard, lee, lee side, leeward, like, likeness, live-in maid, live-out maid, living image, living picture, maid, maidservant, maintop, manual, match, mate, messmate, miniature, mirroring, mizzentop, model, near duplicate, nose, nursemaid, obverse, old crony, paddle wheel, pal, parallel, pard, pardner, parlormaid, partner, pendant, perron, photograph, picture, pintle, planking, playfellow, playmate, poop, port, porthole, portrait, portside, post, propeller, prow, pulpit, rail, ramp, reciprocal, reference book, reflection, resemblance, rib, Ritter, roommate, rubbing, rubrail, rudder, rudderpost, rudderstock, run, running mate, safe-conduct, schoolfellow, schoolmate, scullery maid, scupper, scuttle, scuttlebutt, second self, semblance, servant girl, servitress, shadow, shaft tunnel, sheave hole, sheer strake, sheets, shelf, shelfpiece, shepherd, shipmate, side partner, sidekick, Sidney, similitude, simulacrum, Sir Galahad, sister, skeg, snorkel, sociable, soubrette, soul mate, spiral staircase, spit and image, spitting image, squire, staircase, stairs, stairway, stanchion, starboard, stem, stepping-stones, steps, stern, stile, strake, such, suchlike, superstructure, swain, tail end, tally, teammate, the like of, the likes of, tiller, trace, tracing, transom, treads and risers, truck, tweeny, twin, upstairs maid, usher, very image, very picture, waiting maid, waterline, waterway, weather, weather side, weatherboard, wench, wheel, winch, windlass, windward, workfellow, yokefellow, yokemate