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Meaning of COIN

Pronunciation:  koyn

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
  2. [v]  form by stamping, punching, or printing; "strike coins"; "strike a medal"
  3. [v]  of phrases or words

COIN is a 4 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: mint, strike
 See Also: bawbee, bezant, bezzant, byzant, cent, centime, change, coinage, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, create verbally, crown, denier, dime, dollar, doubloon, ducat, eagle, eightpence, farthing, fifty-cent piece, fivepence, fourpence, groat, guinea, half crown, half dollar, half eagle, halfpenny, ha'penny, head, louis d'or, Maundy money, medallion, metal money, mintage, nickel, ninepence, obverse, penny, piece of eight, quarter, real, reverse, shilling, sixpence, sloganeer, solidus, sou, specie, stater, tail, tanner, tenpence, threepence, tuppence, twopence, verso



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Coin\ (koin), n. [F. coin, formerly also coing, wedge,
    stamp, corner, fr. L. cuneus wedge; prob. akin to E. cone,
    hone. See {Hone}, n., and cf. {Coigne}, {Quoin},
    1. A quoin; a corner or external angle; a wedge. See
       {Coigne}, and {Quoin}.
    2. A piece of metal on which certain characters are stamped
       by government authority, making it legally current as
       money; -- much used in a collective sense.
             It is alleged that it [a subsidy] exceeded all the
             current coin of the realm.            --Hallam.
    3. That which serves for payment or recompense.
             The loss of present advantage to flesh and blood is
             repaid in a nobler coin.              --Hammond.
    {Coin balance}. See Illust. of {Balance}.
    {To pay one in his own coin}, to return to one the same kind
       of injury or ill treatment as has been received from him.
  2. \Coin\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Coined} (koind); p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Coining}.]
    1. To make of a definite fineness, and convert into coins, as
       a mass of metal; to mint; to manufacture; as, to coin
       silver dollars; to coin a medal.
    2. To make or fabricate; to invent; to originate; as, to coin
       a word.
             Some tale, some new pretense, he daily coined, To
             soothe his sister and delude her mind. --Dryden.
    3. To acquire rapidly, as money; to make.
             Tenants cannot coin rent just at quarter day.
  3. \Coin\, v. i.
    To manufacture counterfeit money.
          They cannot touch me for coining.        --Shak.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing coins in your dream indicates missed or overlooked opportunities that come your way. Seeing gold coins in your dream, represent success and wealth. Silver coins represents spirituality, values, and your self-worth. Seeing coins stacked in your dream, symbolizes masculine power, dominance, and energy. Dreaming that you are flipping a coin, represents your casual attitude about making some decision. You may also not be taking responsibility for your decisions. Alternatively, it indicates your irrational thoughts.
Easton Bible Dictionary

Before the Exile the Jews had no regularly stamped money. They made use of uncoined shekels or talents of silver, which they weighed out (Gen. 23:16; Ex. 38:24; 2 Sam. 18:12). Probably the silver ingots used in the time of Abraham may have been of a fixed weight, which was in some way indicated on them. The "pieces of silver" paid by Abimelech to Abraham (Gen. 20:16), and those also for which Joseph was sold (37:28), were proably in the form of rings. The shekel was the common standard of weight and value among the Hebrews down to the time of the Captivity. Only once is a shekel of gold mentioned (1 Chr. 21:25). The "six thousand of gold" mentioned in the transaction between Naaman and Gehazi (2 Kings 5:5) were probably so many shekels of gold. The "piece of money" mentioned in Job 42:11; Gen. 33:19 (marg., "lambs") was the Hebrew _kesitah_, probably an uncoined piece of silver of a certain weight in the form of a sheep or lamb, or perhaps having on it such an impression. The same Hebrew word is used in Josh. 24:32, which is rendered by Wickliffe "an hundred yonge scheep."

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: angle, apex, beget, bend, bifurcation, bight, bread, breed, bring forth, bring into being, call into being, cant, cash, change, chevron, chips, conceit, conceive, conceptualize, concoct, contrive, cook up, corner, counterfeit, crank, create, crook, crotchet, crown, currency, deflection, design, develop, devise, discover, dogleg, double eagle, doubloon, dough, dream up, ducat, eagle, elbow, ell, engender, evolve, experience imaginatively, fabricate, fancy, fantasize, fictionalize, five-dollar gold piece, forge, fork, frame, furcation, generate, give being to, give rise to, gold piece, guinea, half crown, half eagle, hard money, hatch, hook, ideate, imagine, improvise, inaugurate, inflection, innovate, introduce, introduce new blood, invent, jack, knee, L, legal tender, make do with, make innovations, make money, make up, mature, mazuma, mint, moidore, mold, money, napoleon, neologize, neoterize, nook, originate, piece, piece of money, piece of silver, pioneer, plan, point, pound sovereign, procreate, produce, quoin, renew, renovate, revolutionize, roll of coins, rouleau, scratch, shape, shekels, shove the queer, silver, sovereign, spawn, specie, stamp, start, strike out, suppose, swerve, ten-dollar gold piece, think out, think up, twenty-dollar gold piece, utter, veer, vertex, zag, zig, zigzag