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Meaning of CLISP

Computing Dictionary

1. conversational lisp.

2. A common lisp implementation by Bruno Haible <haible@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> of karlsruhe university and Michael Stoll <michael@rhein.iam.uni-bonn.de> of munich university, both in Germany. CLISP includes an interpreter, bytecode compiler, run-time library and editor and needs only 1.5 MB of ram. German and English versions are available, French soon.

Packages running in CLISP include pcl and clx on unix machines. A native subset of clos is included.

Version 1993/10/06 conforms to cltl1 and parts of cltl2 and is distributed under the gnu general public license.

CLISP runs on atari, amiga, ms-dos, os/2, linux, sun-4, sun386i, hp90000/800 and others.


Mailing list: <listproc@clisp.cons.org> (send "subscribe clisp-list").