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Meaning of CLIQUE

Pronunciation:  kleek

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

CLIQUE is a 6 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: camp, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, pack
 See Also: band, Bloomsbury Group, cabal, camarilla, circle, faction, galere, hard core, junta, junto, loop, lot, maffia, mafia, rogue's gallery, sect, set



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Clique\, n. [F., fr. OF. cliquer to click. See {Click},
    v. i.]
    A narrow circle of persons associated by common interests or
    for the accomplishment of a common purpose; -- generally used
    in a bad sense.
  2. \Clique\, v. i.
    To To associate together in a clannish way; to act with
    others secretly to gain a desired end; to plot; -- used with
Computing Dictionary

A maximal totally connected subgraph. Given a graph with nodes N, a clique C is a subset of N where every node in C is directly connected to every other node in C (i.e. C is totally connected), and C contains all such nodes (C is maximal). In other words, a clique contains all, and only, those nodes which are directly connected to all other nodes in the clique.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: age group, associate with, assort with, band, battalion, bevy, body, brigade, bunch, cabal, cadre, camarilla, camp, cast, cell, charmed circle, chum, chum together, chum with, circle, clan, clique with, closed circle, club together, cohort, company, complement, consort with, contingent, corps, coterie, covey, crew, crowd, detachment, detail, division, elite, elite group, faction, fellowship, fleet, flock together, fraternize, gang, group, grouping, groupment, hang around with, hang out with, herd together, hobnob with, ingroup, in-group, inner circle, join, join in fellowship, junta, junto, keep company with, mingle with, mix with, mob, movement, outfit, out-group, pack, pal, pal up with, pal with, party, peer group, phalanx, platoon, posse, regiment, ring, run in couples, run with, salon, set, sort with, squad, stable, string, take up with, team, tie up with, tribe, troop, troupe, we-group, wing