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Meaning of CLIMBING

Pronunciation:  kl'Iming

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)

CLIMBING is a 8 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: climb, mounting
 See Also: ascension, ascent, rise, rising



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
p. pr. & vb. n. of {Climb}.

{Climbing fern}. See under {Fern}.

{Climbing perch}. (Zo["o]l.) See {Anabas}, and

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acclinate, acclivitous, advance, ambition, ambitiousness, anabasis, anabatic, angular motion, ascendant, ascending, ascension, ascensional, ascensive, ascent, axial motion, backflowing, backing, backward motion, Brownian movement, career, careerism, clamber, climb, course, current, descending, descent, downward motion, drift, driftage, ebbing, elevation, escalade, flight, flow, flux, forward motion, fountain, gush, gyring up, in the ascendant, increase, jet, jump, leap, leaping, levitation, lofty ambition, magnanimity, mount, mounting, oblique motion, ongoing, onrush, passage, plunging, power-hunger, progress, radial motion, rampant, random motion, rearing, reflowing, refluence, reflux, regression, retrogression, rise, rising, rocketing up, run, rush, saltation, saltatory, scandent, scansorial, set, shooting up, sideward motion, sinking, skyrocketing, soaring, social climbing, spiraling, spout, spring, springing, spurt, status-seeking, sternway, stream, subsiding, surge, takeoff, taking off, traject, trajet, trend, uparching, upclimb, upcoming, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrade, upgrowth, uphill, uphillward, upleap, uplift, upping, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upsloping, upsurge, upsurgence, upsweep, upswing, upward, upward motion, upwith, vault, vaulting ambition, zooming