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Meaning of CLEAR AWAY

Pronunciation:  kleer u'wey

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  remove from sight
 Synonyms: clear off
 See Also: remove, take, take away, withdraw



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abstract, attenuate, blow, blow off, blow out, cast forth, cast off, cast out, chuck, clean out, clear, clear off, clear out, clear the decks, cut out, defecate, deplete, deport, dilute, disembarrass, disembroil, disencumber, disentangle, dispel, dispose of, dissipate, dissolve, drain, drive away, eject, elide, eliminate, empty, empty out, eradicate, evacuate, evaporate, exhaust, exile, expatriate, expel, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, liquidate, outlaw, pick out, purge, remove, root out, root up, scour out, strike off, strike out, sweep out, take out, thin, thin out, throw over, throw overboard, unclog, unfoul, untangle, vent, void, volatilize, weed out