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Pronunciation:  `surkum'stanshul

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  fully detailed and specific about particulars; "a circumstantial report about the debate"

CIRCUMSTANTIAL is a 14 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: specific



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Cir`cum*stan"tial\, a. [Cf. F. circonstanciel.]
    1. Consisting in, or pertaining to, circumstances or
       particular incidents.
             The usual character of human testimony is
             substantial truth under circumstantial variety.
    2. Incidental; relating to, but not essential.
             We must therefore distinguish between the essentials
             in religious worship . . . and what is merely
             circumstantial.                       --Sharp.
    3. Abounding with circumstances; detailing or exhibiting all
       the circumstances; minute; particular.
             Tedious and circumstantial recitals.  --Prior.
    {Circumstantial evidence} (Law), evidence obtained from
       circumstances, which necessarily or usually attend facts
       of a particular nature, from which arises presumption.
       According to some authorities circumstantial is
       distinguished from positive evidence in that the latter is
       the testimony of eyewitnesses to a fact or the admission
       of a party; but the prevalent opinion now is that all such
       testimony is dependent on circumstances for its support.
       All testimony is more or less circumstantial. --Wharton.
    Syn: See {Minute}.
  2. \Cir`cum*stan"tial\, n.
    Something incidental to the main subject, but of less
    importance; opposed to an essential; -- generally in the
    plural; as, the circumstantials of religion. --Addison.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: absolute, accessory, accidental, accompanying, accurate, additional, adducible, admissible, ado, adscititious, adventitious, afloat, afoot, aleatory, appurtenant, ascititious, attestative, attestive, authentic, auxiliary, based on, blow-by-blow, casual, certain, chance, close, collateral, complete, conclusive, conditional, contingent, convincing, cumulative, current, damning, decisive, deduced, detailed, determinative, documentary, documented, doing, eventuating, evidential, evidentiary, ex parte, exact, explicit, extra, extraneous, eye-witness, factual, final, firsthand, fortuitous, founded on, full, going on, grounded on, happening, hearsay, implicative, implicit, implied, in hand, in the wind, incidental, incontrovertible, indicative, indirect, indisputable, inessential, inferential, inferred, interpretive, irrefutable, irresistible, itemized, material, minute, nice, nonessential, nuncupative, occasional, occurring, on, on foot, ongoing, overwhelming, particular, particularized, passing, precise, presumable, presumed, presumptive, prevailing, prevalent, probative, provisional, reliable, replete, resultant, secondary, significant, specific, strict, subsidiary, suggestive, superadded, superfluous, supervenient, supplemental, supplementary, sure, symptomatic, taking place, telling, thorough, under way, unessential, unimportant, valid, weighty