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Meaning of CIRCULAR

Pronunciation:  'surkyulur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"
  2. [adj]  marked by or moving in a cycle
  3. [adj]  having a circular shape
  4. [adj]  shaped like a ring

CIRCULAR is a 8 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: annular, annulate, annulated, ball-shaped, bill, broadsheet, broadside, bulblike, bulbous, capitate, circinate, coccoid, cumuliform, cyclic, cyclical, discoid, discoidal, disklike, flier, flyer, global, globose, globular, handbill, moonlike, moon-round, nutlike, orbicular, orbiculate, pear-shaped, ringed, ringlike, ring-shaped, round, roundish, spheric, spherical, throwaway
 Antonyms: square
 See Also: ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing, rounded, stuffer



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Cir"cu*lar\, a. [L. circularis, fr. circulus circle:
    cf. F. circulaire. See {Circle}.]
    1. In the form of, or bounded by, a circle; round.
    2. repeating itself; ending in itself; reverting to the point
       of beginning; hence, illogical; inconclusive; as, circular
    3. Adhering to a fixed circle of legends; cyclic; hence,
       mean; inferior. See {Cyclic poets}, under {Cyclic}.
             Had Virgil been a circular poet, and closely adhered
             to history, how could the Romans have had Dido?
    4. Addressed to a circle, or to a number of persons having a
       common interest; circulated, or intended for circulation;
       as, a circular letter.
             A proclamation of Henry III., . . . doubtless
             circular throughout England.          --Hallam.
    5. Perfect; complete. [Obs.]
             A man so absolute and circular In all those
             wished-for rarities that may take A virgin captive.
    {Circular are}, any portion of the circumference of a circle.
    {Circular cubics} (Math.), curves of the third order which
       are imagined to pass through the two circular points at
    {Circular functions}. (Math.) See under {Function}.
    {Circular instruments}, mathematical instruments employed for
       measuring angles, in which the graduation extends round
       the whole circumference of a circle, or 360[deg].
    {Circular lines}, straight lines pertaining to the circle, as
       sines, tangents, secants, etc.
    {Circular} {note or letter}.
       (a) (Com.) See under {Credit}.
       (b) (Diplomacy) A letter addressed in identical terms to a
           number of persons.
    {Circular numbers} (Arith.), those whose powers terminate in
       the same digits as the roots themselves; as 5 and 6, whose
       squares are 25 and 36. --Bailey. --Barlow.
    {Circular points at infinity} (Geom.), two imaginary points
       at infinite distance through which every circle in the
       plane is, in the theory of curves, imagined to pass.
    {Circular polarization}. (Min.) See under {Polarization}.
    {Circular or Globular} {sailing} (Naut.), the method of
       sailing by the arc of a great circle.
    {Circular saw}. See under {Saw}.
  2. \Cir"cu*lar\, n. [Cf. (for sense 1) F. circulaire,
    lettre circulaire. See {Circular}, a.]
    1. A circular letter, or paper, usually printed, copies of
       which are addressed or given to various persons; as, a
       business circular.
    2. A sleeveless cloak, cut in circular form.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: actuate, ambagious, anfractuous, announcement, annular, annulate, annulose, annunciation, backhanded, booklet, brochure, bulletin board, chapbook, circinate, circuitous, circulate, circumlocutory, comic book, communique, coronary, crownlike, cyclic, cycloid, declaration, deviating, deviative, devious, diffuse, digressive, discoid, discursive, disklike, disperse, disseminate, distribute, edict, encyclical, enunciation, exchange, excursive, fallacious, flow, folder, helical, illogical, inconsistent, indirect, interchange, irrational, leaflet, manifesto, meandering, notice, notification, oblique, orbital, O-shaped, out-of-the-way, pamphlet, periphrastic, position paper, proclamation, program, programma, pronouncement, pronunciamento, propagate, public notice, radiate, redundant, report, revolve, ringlike, ring-shaped, rotary, rotate, round, roundabout, rounded, set off, sophistic, sophistical, spiral, statement, strew, tortuous, tract, twisted, twisting, ukase, white book, white paper