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Pronunciation:  `seru'belum

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a major division of the vertebrate brain; situated above the medulla oblongata and beneath the cerebrum in humans

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 See Also: arteria cerebelli, cerebellar artery, hindbrain, neural structure, paleocerebellum, rhombencephalon



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cer`e*bel"lum\, n.; pl. E. {Cerebellums}, L.
{Cerebella}. [L., dim. of cerebrum brain.] (Anat.)
The large lobe of the hind brain in front of and above the
medulla; the little brain. It controls combined muscular
action. See {Brain}.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: a large structure consisting of two halves (hemispheres) located in the lower part of the brain; responsible for the coordination of movement and balance.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: The part of the brain that serves to coordinate muscle movement; it is located behind and below the cerebrum and is made up of two side lobes and a middle lobe.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arachnoid, arbor vitae, archipallium, between brain, brain stem, cerebellar hemispheres, cerebral cortex, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrum, convolution, corpus callosum, corpus striatum, diencephalon, dura mater, endbrain, fissure, folia, forebrain, fornix, frontal lobe, glial cells, globus pallidus, gray matter, gyrus, hindbrain, hippocampus, hypothalamus, lenticular nucleus, limbic lobe, little brain, lobe, mantle, medulla oblongata, meninges, mesencephalon, metencephalon, midbrain, myelencephalon, neopallium, occipital lobe, optic chiasm, pallium, parietal lobe, pia mater, pineal body, pituitary body, pons, reticular system, rhombencephalon, subthalamus, telencephalon, temporal lobe, thalamus, ventricle, vermis, white matter