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Pronunciation:  sen'sowreeus

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  harshly critical or expressing censure; "was censorious of petty failings"

CENSORIOUS is a 10 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: critical



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cen*so"ri*ous\, a. [L. censorius pertaining to the
censor. See {Censor}.]
1. Addicted to censure; apt to blame or condemn; severe in
   making remarks on others, or on their writings or manners.

         A dogmatical spirit inclines a man to be consorious
         of his neighbors.                     --Watts.

2. Implying or expressing censure; as, censorious remarks.

Syn: Fault-finding; carping; caviling; captious; severe;
     condemnatory; hypercritical. -- {Cen*so"ri*ous*ly}, adv.
     -- {Cen*so"ri*ous*ness}, n.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abusive, accusatory, back-biting, belittling, bitchy, blackening, blameful, calumniatory, calumnious, captious, carping, catty, caviling, chiding, choicy, choosy, condemnatory, conscientious, contemptuous, contumelious, critic, critical, damnatory, defamatory, demure, denunciatory, deprecative, deprecatory, depreciative, depreciatory, derisive, derisory, derogative, derogatory, detractory, discriminating, discriminative, disparaging, exacting, execrating, execrative, execratory, fastidious, faultfinding, hidebound, hypercritical, invective, inveighing, judgmental, libelous, meticulous, mid-Victorian, minimizing, narrow, objurgatory, old-maidish, overcritical, overmodest, particular, pejorative, perfectionistic, picky, precise, precisianistic, priggish, prim, proscriptive, prudish, punctilious, puristic, puritanic, puritanical, Quakerish, reproachful, reprobative, reviling, ridiculing, sanctimonious, scandalous, scoffing, scrupulous, scurrile, scurrilous, selective, sensitive, slanderous, slighting, smug, stiff-necked, straitlaced, strict, stuffy, Victorian, vilifying, vituperative