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Meaning of CARRYING

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Car"ry*ing\, n.
The act or business of transporting from one place to

{Carrying place}, a carry; a portage.

{Carrying trade}, the business of transporting goods, etc.,
   from one place or country to another by water or land;

         We are rivals with them in . . . the carrying trade.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accoutered, aid, air express, airfreight, airlift, anticipating, armed, asportation, backing, bearing, big with child, big-laden, bolstering, bracing, breeding, bristling with arms, burdened, buttressing, carriage, carry, carrying a fetus, cartage, conveyance, drayage, expecting, expressage, ferriage, freight, freightage, full-armed, gestating, gravid, great, haulage, hauling, heavy, heavy with child, heavy-armed, heeled, holding, in arms, knocked up, light-armed, lighterage, lugging, maintaining, maintenance, moral support, packing, parturient, portage, porterage, preggers, pregnant, propping, psychological support, railway express, reliance, security blanket, shipment, shipping, shoring, subsidy, subvention, superfetate, superimpregnated, support, supporting, supportive, supportive relationship, supportive therapy, suspensory, sustaining, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, sustentative, sword in hand, teeming, telpherage, toting, transit, transport, transportation, transporting, transshipment, truckage, under arms, upholding, upkeep, waft, waftage, wagonage, well-armed, with child