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Meaning of CACOPHONY

Pronunciation:  ku'kâfunee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  loud confusing disagreeable sounds
  2. [n]  a loud harsh or strident noise

CACOPHONY is a 9 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: blare, blaring, clamor, din
 See Also: dissonance, noise



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ca*coph"o*ny\, n.; pl. {Cacophonies}. [Gr. ?????????;
????? bad + ???? sound: cf. F. Cacophonie.]
1. (Rhet.) An uncouth or disagreable sound of words, owing to
   the concurrence of harsh letters or syllables.
   ``Cacophonies of all kinds.'' --Pope.

2. (Mus.) A combination of discordant sounds.

3. (Med.) An unhealthy state of the voice.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agitation, atonalism, atonality, Babel, bad taste, barbarism, barbarousness, bedlam, bluster, bombasticness, brawl, broil, brouhaha, cacology, chaos, clinker, clumsiness, coarseness, commotion, confusion of tongues, cracked voice, crudeness, cumbrousness, defacement, discord, discordance, discordancy, disfigurement, disharmony, dissonance, dissonancy, dissonant chord, disturbance, dryness, dysphemism, ebullition, embroilment, fanaticism, ferment, flap, flatness, fomentation, foofaraw, frenzy, fume, furor, furore, fury, fuss, Gothicism, gracelessness, grossness, gruffness, gutturalism, gutturality, gutturalness, harshness, heaviness, hell, hoarseness, homeliness, hubbub, huskiness, ill-balanced sentences, ill-favoredness, impropriety, impurity, inconcinnity, incorrectness, indecorousness, inelegance, inelegancy, infelicity, inharmoniousness, inharmony, lack of finish, lack of polish, leadenness, noise, off note, pandemonium, passion, plainness, pompousness, ponderousness, poor diction, racket, rage, raspiness, raucity, roughness, row, ruckus, rudeness, rumpus, scrapiness, scratchiness, sesquipedalianism, sesquipedality, shapelessness, sharpness, slipshod construction, sour note, sourness, static, stertorousness, stiltedness, storminess, stridor, tastelessness, tempestuousness, thickness, throatiness, tumult, tumultuousness, tunelessness, turbulence, turgidity, turmoil, uglification, uglifying, ugliness, unaestheticness, unattractiveness, unbeautifulness, uncomeliness, uncouthness, uneuphoniousness, ungainliness, ungracefulness, unhandsomeness, unharmoniousness, unloveliness, unmusicality, unpleasingness, unprettiness, unrefinement, unseemliness, unshapeliness, unsightliness, untunefulness, unwieldiness, uproar, upset, vulgarism, vulgarity, wildness, wolf, zeal, zealousness