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Meaning of BURR

Pronunciation:  bur, bur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  small bit used in dentistry or surgery
  2. [n]  rough projection left on a workpiece after drilling or cutting
  3. [n]  rotary file for smoothing rough edges left on a workpiece
  4. [n]  United States politician who served as Vice President under Jefferson; he mortally wounded his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a duel and fled south (1756-1836)
  5. [n]  seed vessel having hooks or prickles
  6. [v]  remove the burrs from

BURR is a 4 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: Aaron Burr, bur, bur, bur
 See Also: beggar-ticks, bit, burr drill, dentist's drill, pericarp, pol, political leader, politician, politico, power tool, projection, remove, seed vessel, spanish needles, take, take away, withdraw



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Burr\, n. [See {Bur}.] (Bot.)
    1. A prickly seed vessel. See {Bur}, 1.
    2. The thin edge or ridge left by a tool in cutting or
       shaping metal, as in turning, engraving, pressing, etc.;
       also, the rough neck left on a bullet in casting.
             The graver, in plowing furrows in the surface of the
             copper, raises corresponding ridges or burrs.
    3. A thin flat piece of metal, formed from a sheet by
       punching; a small washer put on the end of a rivet before
       it is swaged down.
    4. A broad iron ring on a tilting lance just below the gripe,
       to prevent the hand from slipping.
    5. The lobe or lap of the ear.
    6. [Probably of imitative origin.] A guttural pronounciation
       of the letter r, produced by trilling the extremity of the
       soft palate against the back part of the tongue; rotacism;
       -- often called the Newcastle, Northumberland, or
       Tweedside, burr.
    7. The knot at the bottom of an antler. See {Bur}, n., 8.
  2. \Burr\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Burred}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    To speak with burr; to make a hoarse or guttural murmur.
    --Mrs. Browning.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A rough or prickly propagule consisting of a seed or fruit and associated floral parts or bracts.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accent, adherent, adhesive, barnacle, belch, blare, blat, boll, bramble, bray, brier, bristle, broad accent, brogue, bulldog, buzz, cackle, cactus, capsule, catchweed, caw, cement, chirr, chiseling, clang, clangor, clank, clash, cleavers, cod, craunch, croak, cross-hatching, crump, crunch, decal, decalcomania, demitint, drawl, engravement, engraving, etch, etching, follicle, gem-engraving, glass-cutting, glue, glyptic, goose grass, graving, grind, groan, growl, grumble, gunk, half tint, hatching, hull, husk, incision, inscript, inscription, jangle, jar, leech, legume, legumen, limpet, line, lining, marking, molasses, mucilage, needle, nettle, paste, pease cod, pericarp, pine needle, plaster, pod, prickle, quill, rasp, regional accent, remora, score, scoring, scranch, scrape, scratch, scratching, scrunch, seed pod, seed vessel, seedbox, seedcase, silique, slash, slashing, snarl, snore, spicule, spiculum, spike, spikelet, spine, sticker, stipple, stippling, syrup, thistle, thorn, tint, tooling, twang, type-cutting, yucca