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Meaning of BOOKCASE

Pronunciation:  'bûk`keys

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a piece of furniture with shelves for storing books

BOOKCASE is a 8 letter word that starts with B.


 See Also: article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture, shelf



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Book"case`\, n.
A case with shelves for holding books, esp. one with glazed

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: archives, armory, arsenal, attic, backing, bank, basement, bay, bibliopegy, bin, binder board, binding, bonded warehouse, book cloth, book cover, book end, book jacket, book support, book table, book tray, book truck, bookbinding, bookholder, bookrack, bookrest, bookshelf, bookstack, bookstand, box, bunker, buttery, cargo dock, case, casemaking, casing-in, cellar, chest, closet, collating, collating mark, conservatory, cover, crate, crib, cupboard, depository, depot, dock, drawer, dump, dust cover, dust jacket, exchequer, folder, folding, folio, footband, gathering, glory hole, gluing-off, godown, hard binding, headband, hold, hutch, jacket, library, library binding, lining, lining-up, locker, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, mechanical binding, niggerhead, perfect binding, plastic binding, portfolio, rack, repertory, repository, reservoir, revolving bookcase, rick, rounding, saddle stitching, sewing, shelf, side sewing, signature, slipcase, slipcover, smashing, Smyth sewing, soft binding, spiral binding, stack, stack room, stamping, stapling, stock room, storage, store, storehouse, storeroom, supply base, supply depot, tailband, tank, tipping, treasure house, treasure room, treasury, trimming, vat, vault, warehouse, wine cellar, wire stitching, wrapper