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Meaning of BLEMISH

Pronunciation:  'blemish

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body); "a facial blemish"
  2. [v]  add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective
  3. [v]  mar or impair with a flaw; "her face was blemished"
  4. [v]  mar or spoil the appearance of; "scars defaced her cheeks"; "The vandals disfigured the statue"

BLEMISH is a 7 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: deface, defect, disfigure, flaw, spot
 See Also: begrime, bemire, birthmark, blackhead, blot, burn, burn mark, chatter mark, check, chip, colly, comedo, crack, damage, daub, deflower, dent, dirty, gouge, grime, impair, mangle, mar, mark, mark, maul, milium, mole, nevus, nick, pit, pock, scar, scar, scrape, scratch, slur, smear, smirch, smudge, soil, spoil, spot, stigma, ugliness, verruca, vitiate, wart, whitehead



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Blem"ish\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Blemished}; p. pr. &
    vb. n. {Blemishing}.] [OE. blemissen, blemishen, OF. blemir,
    blesmir, to strike, injure, soil, F. bl[^e]mir to grow pale,
    fr. OF. bleme, blesme, pale, wan, F. bl[^e]me, prob. fr. Icel
    bl[=a]man the livid color of a wound, fr. bl[=a]r blue; akin
    to E. blue. OF. blemir properly signifies to beat one (black
    and) blue, and to render blue or dirty. See {Blue}.]
    1. To mark with deformity; to injure or impair, as anything
       which is well formed, or excellent; to mar, or make
       defective, either the body or mind.
             Sin is a soil which blemisheth the beauty of thy
             soul.                                 --Brathwait.
    2. To tarnish, as reputation or character; to defame.
             There had nothing passed between us that might
             blemish reputation.                   --Oldys.
  2. \Blem"ish\, n.; pl. {Blemishes}.
    Any mark of deformity or injury, whether physical or moral;
    anything that diminishes beauty, or renders imperfect that
    which is otherwise well formed; that which impairs
          He shall take two he lambs without blemish, and one ewe
          lamb of the first year without blemish.  --Lev. xiv.
          The reliefs of an envious man are those little
          blemishes and imperfections that discover themselves in
          an illustrious character.                --Spectator.
    Syn: Spot; speck; flaw; deformity; stain; defect; fault;
         taint; reproach; dishonor; imputation; disgrace.
Easton Bible Dictionary

imperfection or bodily deformity excluding men from the priesthood, and rendering animals unfit to be offered in sacrifice (Lev. 21:17-23; 22:19-25). The Christian church, as justified in Christ, is "without blemish" (Eph. 5:27). Christ offered himself a sacrifice "without blemish," acceptable to God (1 Pet. 1:19).

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abrade, abrasion, baboon, bag, bark, besmirch, birthmark, black sheep, blaze, blaze a trail, blister, bloody, blot, blotch, brand, break, bruise, bug, burn, caste mark, catch, chafe, chalk, chalk up, check, check off, checkmark, chip, cicatrix, cicatrize, claw, concussion, crack, crackle, craze, cut, damage, dapple, dash, deface, defect, defection, deficiency, define, deform, delimit, demarcate, discolor, discoloration, disfigure, disfigurement, disproportion, distort, dog, dot, drawback, dysphemize, earmark, engrave, engraving, erratum, error, eyesore, failing, failure, fault, faute, flash burn, flaw, fleck, flick, foible, foreign body, foreign intruder, fracture, frailty, fray, frazzle, freckle, fret, fright, gall, gargoyle, gash, graving, hack, hag, harm, harridan, hatch, hole, hurt, impair, impairment, imperfection, impress, imprint, impurity, inadequacy, incise, incision, infirmity, injure, injury, intruder, jot, kink, lacerate, laceration, lentigo, lesion, line, little problem, look a fright, look a mess, look bad, look like hell, look something terrible, macula, maim, make a mark, make mincemeat of, mar, mark, mark off, mark out, marking, maul, mess, misfit, misshape, mole, monkey wrench, monster, monstrosity, mortal wound, mote, mottle, mutilate, mutilation, nevus, nick, no beauty, notch, oddball, offend, offend the eye, patch, pencil, pepper, pierce, pockmark, point, polka dot, prejudice, prick, print, problem, punch, punctuate, puncture, rend, rent, riddle, rift, rip, run, rupture, savage, scab, scald, scar, scarecrow, scarification, scarify, scorch, score, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratching, scuff, seal, seam, second-degree burn, shortcoming, sight, skin, slash, slit, sliver, smear, snag, something missing, sore, speck, speckle, splash, splinter, split, splotch, spoil, spot, sprain, stab, stab wound, stain, stamp, stick, stigma, stigmatize, stone, strain, strawberry mark, streak, striate, stripe, sully, taint, tarnish, tattoo, tattoo mark, tear, teratism, third-degree burn, tick, tick off, tittle, trace, trauma, traumatize, truncate, twist, uglify, ugly duckling, underline, underscore, vice, vitiate, vulnerable place, warp, wart, watermark, weak link, weak point, weakness, weed, witch, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench