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Meaning of BIGOTED

Pronunciation:  'bigutid

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others; "a bigoted person"; "an outrageously bigoted point of view"

BIGOTED is a 7 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: intolerant



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Big"ot*ed\, a.
Obstinately and blindly attached to some creed, opinion
practice, or ritual; unreasonably devoted to a system or
party, and illiberal toward the opinions of others. ``Bigoted
to strife.'' --Byron.

Syn: Prejudiced; intolerant; narrow-minded.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: authoritarian, balking, balky, biased, bigot, borne, bulldogged, bulletheaded, bullheaded, case-hardened, closed, conceited, conservative, constricted, cramped, creedbound, deaf, deaf to reason, doctrinaire, doctrinarian, dogged, dogmatic, dogmatizing, evangelical, extravagant, extreme, extremist, fanatic, fanatical, fundamentalist, haggard, hardheaded, headstrong, hidebound, hyperorthodox, illiberal, inordinate, insular, intolerant, irrational, jaundiced, lily-white, literalist, literalistic, little, little-minded, mean, mean-minded, mean-spirited, mulish, narrow, narrow-hearted, narrow-minded, narrow-souled, narrow-spirited, nearsighted, obstinate, one-sided, opinionated, opinionative, opinioned, oracular, overenthusiastic, overreligious, overzealous, parochial, partial, peremptory, perfervid, persevering, pertinacious, petty, pigheaded, pontifical, positive, positivistic, precisianist, precisianistic, prejudiced, pronunciative, provincial, purblind, purist, puristic, puritanical, rabid, restive, Sabbatarian, self-opinionated, self-opinioned, self-willed, set, shortsighted, small, small-minded, staunch, stiff-necked, straitlaced, strict, strongheaded, strong-willed, stubborn, stuffy, sulky, sullen, tenacious, ultrazealous, uncatholic, uncharitable, uncooperative, ungenerous, unliberal, unreasonable, unregenerate, wild-eyed, wild-looking, willful, zealotic