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Meaning of BEDLAM

Pronunciation:  'bedlum

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  pejorative terms for an insane asylum
  2. [n]  a state of extreme confusion and disorder

BEDLAM is a 6 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: booby hatch, chaos, crazy house, cuckoo's nest, funny farm, funny house, loony bin, madhouse, nut house, nuthouse, pandemonium, sanatorium, snake pit, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness
 See Also: asylum, balagan, confusion, insane asylum, institution, mental home, mental hospital, mental institution, psychiatric hospital



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Bed"lam\, n. [See {Bethlehem}.]
    1. A place appropriated to the confinement and care of the
       insane; a madhouse. --Abp. Tillotson.
    2. An insane person; a lunatic; a madman. [Obs.]
             Let's get the bedlam to lead him.     --Shak.
    3. Any place where uproar and confusion prevail.
  2. \Bed"lam\, a.
    Belonging to, or fit for, a madhouse. ``The bedlam, brainsick
    duchess.'' --Shak.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: asylum, Babel, Bedlam let loose, blast, bobbery, brawl, brouhaha, bughouse, cacophony, chaos, charivari, chirm, clamor, clangor, clap, clatter, commotion, confusion, confusion of tongues, din, discord, donnybrook, drunken brawl, dustup, flap, fracas, free-for-all, hell, hell broke loose, howl, hubbub, hue and cry, hullabaloo, insane asylum, jangle, loud noise, lunatic asylum, madhouse, mental home, mental hospital, mental institution, noise, noise and shouting, nuthouse, outcry, padded cell, pandemonium, psychiatric ward, psychopathic hospital, racket, rattle, rhubarb, roar, row, ruckus, ruction, rumble, rumpus, shindy, shivaree, static, thunder, thunderclap, tintamarre, tumult, turmoil, uproar