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Meaning of BANNER

Pronunciation:  'banur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  long strip of cloth for decoration or advertising
  2. [n]  a newspaper headline that runs across the full page
  3. [adj]  of headlines; spanning the width of the page; "banner headlines"
  4. [adj]  unusually good; outstanding; "a banner year for the company"

BANNER is a 6 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: big, large, streamer, streamer, superior
 See Also: flag, headline, newspaper headline



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ban"ner\, n. [OE. banere, OF. baniere, F. banni[`e]re,
bandi[`e]re, fr. LL. baniera, banderia, fr. bandum banner,
fr. OHG. bant band, strip of cloth; cf. bindan to bind, Goth.
bandwa, bandwo, a sign. See {Band}, n.]
1. A kind of flag attached to a spear or pike by a
   crosspiece, and used by a chief as his standard in battle.

         Hang out our banners on the outward walls. --Shak.

2. A large piece of silk or other cloth, with a device or
   motto, extended on a crosspiece, and borne in a
   procession, or suspended in some conspicuous place.

3. Any flag or standard; as, the star-spangled banner.

{Banner fish} (Zo["o]l.), a large fish of the genus
   {Histiophorus}, of the Swordfish family, having a broad
   bannerlike dorsal fin; the sailfish. One species ({H.
   Americanus}) inhabits the North Atlantic.

Computing Dictionary

1. The title page added to printouts by most print spoolers. Typically includes user or account ID information in very large character-graphics capitals. Also called a "burst page", because it indicates where to burst (tear apart) fanfold paper to separate one user's printout from the next.

2. A similar printout generated (typically on multiple pages of fan-fold paper) from user-specified text, e.g. by a program such as unix's "banner".

3. splash screen.

[jargon file]

Easton Bible Dictionary

(1.) The flag or banner of the larger kind, serving for three tribes marching together. These standards, of which there were four, were worked with embroidery and beautifully ornamented (Num. 1:52; 2:2, 3, 10, 18, 25; Cant. 2:4; 6:4, 10).

(2.) The flag borne by each separate tribe, of a smaller form. Probably it bore on it the name of the tribe to which it belonged, or some distinguishing device (Num. 2:2,34).

(3.) A lofty signal-flag, not carried about, but stationary. It was usually erected on a mountain or other lofty place. As soon as it was seen the war-trumpets were blown (Ps. 60:4; Isa. 5:26; 11:12; 13:2; 18:3; 30:17; Jer. 4:6 21; Ezek. 27:7).

(4.) A "sign of fire" (Jer. 6:1) was sometimes used as a signal.

The banners and ensigns of the Roman army had idolatrous images upon them, and hence they are called the "abomination of desolation" (q.v.). The principal Roman standard, however, was an eagle. (See Matt. 24:28; Luke 17:37, where the Jewish nation is compared to a dead body, which the eagles gather together to devour.)

God's setting up or giving a banner (Ps. 20:5; 60:4; Cant. 2:4) imports his presence and protection and aid extended to his people.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: and blue, arch, atrocity story, badge, banderole, bang-up, banner head, banneret, battle hymn, black flag, bloody shirt, blue ensign, blue-ribbon, bunting, burgee, capital, caption, cardinal, central, champion, character, characteristic, chief, coachwhip, color, colors, Communist threat, crostarie, crowning, Dannebrog, device, differentia, dominant, drop head, dropline, earmark, ensign, epigraph, expansionism, face, fiery cross, first, first-class, first-rate, first-string, flag, focal, foremost, gonfalon, gonfanon, great, guidon, hallmark, hanger, head, heading, headline, headmost, hegemonic, house flag, idiosyncrasy, image, imperialist threat, important, independence, index, indicant, indicator, insignia, jack, Jolly Roger, jump head, keynote, leading, legend, long pennant, magisterial, main, manifest destiny, mark, martial music, master, measure, memorable, merchant flag, momentous, motto, national anthem, national flag, notable, note, noteworthy, Old Glory, oriflamme, overline, overruling, paramount, peculiarity, pendant, pennant, pennon, pennoncel, picture, predominant, preeminent, preponderant, prevailing, primal, primary, prime, principal, property, ranking, red, red ensign, representation, representative, royal standard, rubric, ruling, running head, running title, scarehead, screamer, seal, self-determination, sigil, sign, signal, signal flag, signature, sovereign, spread, spreadhead, stamp, standard, star, Stars and Stripes, Star-Spangled Banner, stellar, streamer, subhead, subheading, subtitle, supereminent, superscription, sure sign, swallowtail, symbol, symptom, telltale sign, title, title page, topflight, top-notch, trait, tricolor, Union Flag, Union Jack, vexillum, war song, Western imperialism, white, yellow peril