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Meaning of BAGGAGE

Pronunciation:  'bagij

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a case used to carry belongings when traveling
  2. [n]  a worthless or immoral woman

BAGGAGE is a 7 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: luggage
 See Also: adult female, bag, case, dressing case, grip, hand luggage, handgrip, handle, hatbox, hold, impedimenta, imperial, satchel, strap, suitcase, traveling bag, trunk, woman



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Bag"gage\, n. [F. bagage, from OF. bague bungle. In
senses 6 and 7 cf. F. bagasse a prostitute. See {Bag}, n.]
1. The clothes, tents, utensils, and provisions of an army.

Note: ``The term itself is made to apply chiefly to articles
      of clothing and to small personal effects.'' --Farrow.

2. The trunks, valises, satchels, etc., which a traveler
   carries with him on a journey; luggage.

         The baronet's baggage on the roof of the coach.

         We saw our baggage following below.   --Johnson.

Note: The English usually call this luggage.

3. Purulent matter. [Obs.] --Barrough.

4. Trashy talk. [Obs.] --Ascham.

5. A man of bad character. [Obs.] --Holland.

6. A woman of loose morals; a prostitute.

         A disreputable, daring, laughing, painted French
         baggage.                              --Thackeray.

7. A romping, saucy girl. [Playful] --Goldsmith.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of baggage refers to the problems and things that you are carrying on your shoulders and weighing your down. It may also be symbolic of your identity.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: apparatus, attache case, backpack, bad woman, bag, bag and baggage, bandbox, bitch, briefcase, broad, cargo, carpetbag, carryall, chippy, clitoromaniac, cocotte, consignment, ditty bag, drab, duffel, duffel bag, dunnage, easy lay, easy woman, flight bag, floozy, footlocker, frail sister, freight, freightage, gear, Gladstone, goods, grip, grisette, handbag, harridan, haversack, holdall, hussy, hysteromaniac, impedimenta, jade, Jezebel, kit, kit bag, knapsack, lading, load, loose woman, luggage, nymphet, nympho, nymphomaniac, outfit, overnight bag, pack, payload, pickup, portmanteau, quean, rucksack, satchel, sea bag, shipment, slattern, slut, strumpet, suitcase, tackle, tart, tote bag, tramp, traps, traveling bag, trollop, trull, trunk, uteromaniac, wanton, wench, whore