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Meaning of BACKSTOP

Pronunciation:  'bak`stâp

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a fence or screen (as behind home plate in baseball)
  2. [v]  act as a backstop, as in baseball

BACKSTOP is a 8 letter word that starts with B.


 See Also: fence, fencing, play



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Back"stop`\, n.
1. In baseball, a fence, prop. at least 90 feet behind the
   home base, to stop the balls that pass the catcher; also,
   the catcher himself.

2. In rounders, the player who stands immediately behind the
   striking base.

3. In cricket, the longstop; also, the wicket keeper.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advocate, aegis, arch dam, arm guard, back, bamboo curtain, bank, bar, barrage, barrier, bear-trap dam, beaver dam, boom, breakwater, breastwork, brick wall, buffer, bulkhead, bulwark, bumper, champion, cofferdam, contraceptive, copyright, crash helmet, cushion, dam, dashboard, defense, dike, ditch, dodger, earthwork, embankment, face mask, fence, fender, finger guard, foot guard, fuse, gate, goggles, governor, gravity dam, groin, guard, guardrail, hand guard, handrail, hard hat, helmet, hydraulic-fill dam, insulation, interlock, iron curtain, jam, jetty, knee guard, knuckle guard, laminated glass, leaping weir, levee, life preserver, lifeline, lightning conductor, lightning rod, logjam, mask, milldam, moat, mole, mound, mudguard, nose guard, pad, padding, palladium, parapet, patent, pilot, portcullis, preventive, prophylactic, protective clothing, protective umbrella, rampart, roadblock, rock-fill dam, safeguard, safety, safety glass, safety plug, safety rail, safety shoes, safety switch, safety valve, screen, seat belt, seawall, shield, shin guard, shutter dam, side with, stone wall, sun helmet, umbrella, uphold, wall, weir, wicket dam, windscreen, windshield, work