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Meaning of ASSENT

Pronunciation:  u'sent

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  agreement with a statement or proposal to do something; "he gave his assent eagerly"; "a murmur of acquiescence from the assembly"
  2. [v]  to agree or express agreement; "Yes, the Maestro assented."

ASSENT is a 6 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: accede, acquiesce, acquiescence
 Antonyms: dissent
 See Also: acceptance, adhere, agree, agreement, conceding, concession, connive, yielding



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \As*sent"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Assented}; p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Assenting}.] [F. assentir, L. assentire, assentiri; ad +
    sentire to feel, think. See {Sense}.]
    To admit a thing as true; to express one's agreement,
    acquiescence, concurrence, or concession.
          Who informed the governor . . . And the Jews also
          assented, saying that these things were so. --Acts
                                                   xxiv. 9.
          The princess assented to all that was suggested.
    Syn: To yield; agree; acquiesce; concede; concur.
  2. \As*sent"\, n. [OE. assent, fr. assentir. See {Assent},
    The act of assenting; the act of the mind in admitting or
    agreeing to anything; concurrence with approval; consent;
    agreement; acquiescence.
          Faith is the assent to any proposition, on the credit
          of the proposer.                         --Locke.
          The assent, if not the approbation, of the prince.
          Too many people read this ribaldry with assent and
          admiration.                              --Macaulay.
    {Royal assent}, in England, the assent of the sovereign to a
       bill which has passed both houses of Parliament, after
       which it becomes law.
    Syn: Concurrence; acquiescence; approval; accord.
    Usage: {Assent}, {Consent}. Assent is an act of the
           understanding, consent of the will or feelings. We
           assent to the views of others when our minds come to
           the same conclusion with theirs as to what is true,
           right, or admissible. We consent when there is such a
           concurrence of our will with their desires and wishes
           that we decide to comply with their requests. The king
           of England gives his assent, not his consent, to acts
           of Parliament, because, in theory at least, he is not
           governed by personal feelings or choice, but by a
           deliberate, judgment as to the common good. We also
           use assent in cases where a proposal is made which
           involves but little interest or feeling. A lady may
           assent to a gentleman's opening the window; but if he
           offers himself in marriage, he must wait for her
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abide by, accede, accede to, accept, acceptance, acclaim, accord, accord to, accordance, acquiesce, acquiesce in, acquiescence, affinity, affirmation, affirmative, affirmative voice, agree, agree to, agree with, agreement, answer to, applaud, approbation, approval, approve, approve of, assort with, aye, be agreeable, be consistent, be of one, be uniform with, be willing, blessing, buy, check, cheer, chime, chorus, cohere, coherence, coincide, coincidence, compatibility, complaisance, compliance, comply, concert, concord, concordance, concur, condescend, conform, conform with, conformance, conformation, conformity, congeniality, congruence, congruency, congruity, connivance, connive at, consent, consent to silently, consist with, consistency, consonance, consort, cooperate, cooperation, correspond, correspondence, deference, deign, dovetail, eagerness, endorse, endorsement, equivalence, face the music, fall in together, fit together, give consent, give the nod, go along with, go together, go with, grant, hail, hang together, harmonize, harmony, have no objection, hit, hold together, hold with, homage, in toto, interlock, intersect, intersection, jibe, kneeling, knock under, knuckle down, knuckle under, live with it, lock, match, nod, nod assent, nonopposal, nonopposition, nonresistance, not refuse, not resist, obedience, obeisance, obey, OK, okay, oneness, overlap, parallel, parallelism, passiveness, passivity, peace, permission, permit, promptitude, promptness, rapport, ratification, ratify, readiness, receive, register, register with, relent, resign, resignation, resignedness, respond to, sanction, say aye, say yes, self-consistency, sing in chorus, sort with, square, square with, stand together, subjection, submission, submit, submittal, subscribe to, succumb, supineness, swallow it, swallow the pill, symmetry, sync, synchronism, take, take it, take kindly to, tally, timing, ungrudgingness, uniformity, union, unison, unisonance, unloathness, unreluctance, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vote for, welcome, willingness, wink at, yes, yield assent, yielding