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Meaning of ASCENDANT

Pronunciation:  u'sendunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote that a grandparent)
  2. [n]  position or state of being dominant or in control; "that idea was in the ascendant"
  3. [adj]  most powerful or important or influential; "the economically ascendant class"; "D-day is considered the dominating event of the war in Europe"
  4. [adj]  tending or directed upward; "rooted and ascendant strength like that of foliage"- John Ruskin

ASCENDANT is a 9 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: ancestor, antecedent, ascendent, ascendent, ascendent, ascending(a), ascensive, dominant, dominating, root
 Antonyms: descendant, descendent
 See Also: ancestress, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendence, ascendency, control, dominance, father, forbear, forebear, forefather, foremother, primogenitor, progenitor, relation, relative, sire



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \As*cend"ant\, n. [F. ascendant, L. ascendens; p. pr.
    of ascendere.]
    1. Ascent; height; elevation. [R.]
             Sciences that were then in their highest ascendant.
    2. (Astrol.) The horoscope, or that degree of the ecliptic
       which rises above the horizon at the moment of one's
       birth; supposed to have a commanding influence on a
       person's life and fortune.
    Note: Hence the phrases
    {To be in the ascendant}, to have commanding power or
       influence, and
    {Lord of the ascendant}, one who has possession of such power
       or influence; as, to rule, for a while, lord of the
       ascendant. --Burke.
    3. Superiority, or commanding influence; ascendency; as, one
       man has the ascendant over another.
             Chievres had acquired over the mind of the young
             monarch the ascendant not only of a tutor, but of a
             parent.                               --Robertson.
    4. An ancestor, or one who precedes in genealogy or degrees
       of kindred; a relative in the ascending line; a
       progenitor; -- opposed to {descendant}. --Ayliffe.
  2. \As*cend"ant\, Ascendent \As*cend"ent\, a.
    1. Rising toward the zenith; above the horizon.
             The constellation . . . about that time ascendant.
    2. Rising; ascending. --Ruskin.
    3. Superior; surpassing; ruling.
             An ascendant spirit over him.         --South.
             The ascendant community obtained a surplus of
             wealth.                               --J. S. Mill.
             Without some power of persuading or confuting, of
             defending himself against accusations, . . . no man
             could possibly hold an ascendent position. --Grote.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a cut above, above, absolute, ahead, anabatic, antecedent, ascendancy, ascending, ascensional, ascensive, at the head, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autocratic, better, boss, capping, chief, chosen, climbing, clothed with authority, commanding, competent, conquering, consequential, considerable, controlling, defeating, distinguished, dominance, dominant, domination, dominion, duly constituted, eclipsing, eminent, empowered, ex officio, exceeding, excellent, excelling, finer, flushed with success, forebear, forefather, forerunner, general, governing, great, greater, head, hegemonic, hegemonistic, higher, imperative, important, in ascendancy, in charge, in chief, in the ascendant, influential, leading, leaping, major, marked, master, masterdom, mighty, momentous, monocratic, mounting, of choice, official, on the throne, one up on, outstanding, over, overbearing, overcoming, paramount, potent, powerful, precursor, predecessor, predominant, predominate, preeminence, preeminent, prepollent, preponderance, preponderant, preponderate, prepotence, prepotent, prestigious, prevailing, prevalent, primogenitor, progenitor, prominent, puissant, rampant, ranking, rare, rearing, regnant, regulating, regulative, regulatory, reigning, rising, rivaling, ruling, saltatory, scandent, scansorial, senior, skyrocketing, sovereign, sovereignty, spiraling, springing, substantial, successful, super, superior, supreme, surpassing, swaying, topping, totalitarian, transcendent, transcendental, transcending, triumphal, triumphant, uparching, upcoming, upgoing, upgrade, uphill, uphillward, upper, uprising, upsloping, upward, upwith, vanquishing, victorious, weighty, winning