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Meaning of ARTIFACT

Pronunciation:  'ârtu`fakt

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a man-made object taken as a whole

ARTIFACT is a 8 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: artefact
 Antonyms: natural object
 See Also: Americana, anachronism, antiquity, article, block, building material, cloth, commodity, cone, construction, covering, creation, cushioning, decker, decoration, electroplate, enclosure, excavation, fabric, facility, fixture, flat solid, float, goods, hole in the ground, insert, inset, installation, instrumentality, instrumentation, lemon, line, marker, material, mystification, object, opening, ornament, ornamentation, padding, paving material, physical object, plaything, restoration, sheet, slip, sphere, square, squeaker, stinker, strip, structure, stuff, sundries, sundry, surface, textile, thing, toy, track, trade goods, unit, way, weight, whatchamacallit, whatsis, whole, whole thing



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Ar"ti*fact\, n. [L. ars, artis, art + facere, factum,
to make.]
1. (Arch[ae]ol.) A product of human workmanship; -- applied
   esp. to the simpler products of aboriginal art as
   distinguished from natural objects.

2. (Biol.) A structure or appearance in protoplasm due to
   death or the use of reagents and not present during life.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: The appearance of a structure under a microscope which is not actually present but is the result of procedures used to prepare the slide. An apparent experimental result that is not actually real but is due to the experimental methods.
  1. any manually portable product of human workmanship (see feature). In its broadest sense includes tools, weapons, ceremonial items, art objects, all industrial waste, and all floral and faunal remains modified by human activity.
  2. any physical remains of human activity.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affair, ancient manuscript, antique, antiquity, archaism, article, brainchild, cave painting, child, coinage, composition, concoction, creation, creature, crowning achievement, dingus, distillation, dofunny, dohickey, dojigger, dojiggy, domajig, domajigger, doodad, dowhacky, effect, end product, eolith, eppes, essence, etwas, extract, flumadiddle, fossil, fruit, gadget, gigamaree, gimmick, gizmo, handiwork, hickey, hootenanny, hootmalalie, invention, issue, jigger, manufacture, masterpiece, masterwork, material thing, mezzolith, microlith, mintage, neolith, new mintage, object, offspring, opera, opus, opuscule, origination, outcome, outgrowth, paleolith, petrification, petrified forest, petrified wood, petroglyph, plateaulith, product, production, quelque chose, relic, reliquiae, remains, result, ruin, ruins, something, survival, thing, thingum, thingumabob, thingumadad, thingumadoodle, thingumajig, thingumajigger, thingumaree, thingummy, vestige, whatchy, widget, work