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Meaning of ARGUMENT

Pronunciation:  'ârgyumunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value determines the dependent variable; if f(x)=y, x is the independent variable
  2. [n]  a summary of the subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie; "the editor added the argument to the poem"
  3. [n]  a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true; "it was a strong argument that his hypothesis was true"
  4. [n]  a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal; "the argument over foreign aid goes on and on"
  5. [n]  a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"

ARGUMENT is a 8 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: arguing, argumentation, contention, contestation, controversy, debate, disputation, independent variable, literary argument, statement, tilt
 See Also: adducing, argle-bargle, argy-bargy, case, clincher, con, conflict, determiner, determining factor, difference, difference of opinion, discussion, dispute, evidence, give-and-take, last word, polemic, pro, proof, sparring, specious argument, summary, variable, variable quantity, word



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ar"gu*ment\, n. [F. argument, L. argumentum, fr.
    arguere to argue.]
    1. Proof; evidence. [Obs.]
             There is.. no more palpable and convincing argument
             of the existence of a Deity.          --Ray.
             Why, then, is it made a badge of wit and an argument
             of parts for a man to commence atheist, and to cast
             off all belief of providence, all awe and reverence
             for religion?                         --South.
    2. A reason or reasons offered in proof, to induce belief, or
       convince the mind; reasoning expressed in words; as, an
       argument about, concerning, or regarding a proposition,
       for or in favor of it, or against it.
    3. A process of reasoning, or a controversy made up of
       rational proofs; argumentation; discussion; disputation.
             The argument is about things, but names. --Locke.
    4. The subject matter of a discourse, writing, or artistic
       representation; theme or topic; also, an abstract or
       summary, as of the contents of a book, chapter, poem.
             You and love are still my argument.   --Shak.
             The abstract or argument of the piece. --Jeffrey.
             [Shields] with boastful argument portrayed.
    5. Matter for question; business in hand. [Obs.]
             Sheathed their swords for lack of argument. --Shak.
    6. (Astron.) The quantity on which another quantity in a
       table depends; as, the altitude is the argument of the
    7. (Math.) The independent variable upon whose value that of
       a function depends. --Brande & C.
  2. \Ar"gu*ment\ ([a^]r"g[-u]*ment), v. i. [L.
    To make an argument; to argue. [Obs.] --Gower.
Computing Dictionary

(Or "arg") A value or reference passed to a function, procedure, subroutine, command or program, by the caller. For example, in the function

        square(x) = x * x

x is the formal argument or "parameter" and in the call

        y = square(3+3)

3+3 is the actual argument. This will, in most cases, execute the function square with x having the value 6.

There are many different conventions for passing arguments to functions and procedures including call-by-value, call-by-name, call-by-need. These affect whether the value of the argument is computed by the caller or the callee (the function) and whether the callee can modify the value of the argument as seen by the caller (if it is a variable).

Arguments to functions are usually, following mathematical notation, written in parentheses after the function name, separated by commas. Arguments to a program are usually given after the command name, separated by spaces, e.g.:

        cat myfile yourfile hisfile

Here "cat" is the command and "myfile", "yourfile", and "hisfile" are the arguments.

See also: curried function.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: When you dream that you are arguing with someone, it reflects the growing tensions in your relationship with that person. You might be expressing a need to exteriorate your frustration with that individual. Sometimes such dreams can be of a prophetic nature, and might warn you against some arguments you might be having with the person you saw in your dream.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: action, addend, affray, altercation, anagnorisis, angle, answer, antilogarithm, apologetics, apologia, apology, architectonics, architecture, argumentation, argumentum, assertion, atmosphere, background, barney, base, basis, bicker, bickering, binomial, blood feud, brawl, broil, case, casuistry, cat-and-dog life, catastrophe, characteristic, characterization, claim, coefficient, color, combat, combination, complement, complication, conflict, congruence, cons, consideration, constant, contention, contentiousness, contest, contestation, continuity, contrivance, controversy, cosine, cotangent, counterstatement, cube, cut and thrust, debate, decimal, defence, defense, demurrer, denial, denominator, denouement, derivative, design, determinant, development, device, difference, differential, disagreement, discriminate, disputation, dispute, dissension, dividend, divisor, donnybrook, donnybrook fair, e, elenchus, embroilment, enmity, episode, equation, evidence, exception, exponent, exponential, fable, factor, falling action, falling-out, feud, fight, fighting, fliting, flyting, formula, foundation, fracas, fray, function, fuss, gimmick, ground, hassle, head, hostility, hubbub, hurrah, i, ignoratio elenchi, imbroglio, incident, increment, index, integral, Kilkenny cats, line, litigation, local color, logic, logomachy, matrix, matter, minuend, mood, motif, motive, movement, multiple, multiplier, mythos, norm, numerator, objection, open quarrel, paper war, parameter, passage of arms, peripeteia, permutation, pi, plaidoyer, plan, plea, pleading, pleadings, plot, point, polemic, polemics, polynomial, position, posture, power, proof, proposition, pros, pros and cons, quarrel, quarreling, quarrelsomeness, quaternion, quotient, radical, radix, reason, rebuttal, reciprocal, recognition, refutation, remainder, reply, response, rhubarb, riposte, rising action, root, row, rumpus, scheme, scrap, scrapping, secant, secondary plot, set-to, sharp words, sine, slanging match, slant, snarl, spat, special demurrer, special pleading, squabble, squabbling, stance, standpoint, statement, statement of defense, story, strife, structure, struggle, subject, subject matter, submultiple, subplot, subtrahend, summation, summing up, switch, talking point, tangent, tensor, testimony, text, thematic development, theme, thesis, tiff, tone, topic, tussle, twist, variable, vector, vendetta, verbal engagement, versine, war, war of words, warfare, wherefore, why, whyfor, words, wrangle, wrangling