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Pronunciation:  [adj]u'prowpreeit, [v]u'prowpree`eyt, u'prowpree`eyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc; "a book not appropriate for children"; "a funeral conducted the appropriate solemnity"; "it seems that an apology is appropriate"
  2. [adj]  being of striking appropriateness and pertinence; "the successful copywriter is a master of apposite and evocative verbal images"; "an apt reply"
  3. [adj]  suitable and fitting; "the tailored clothes were harmonious with her military bearing"
  4. [adj]  appropriate for achieving a particular end; implies a lack of concern for fairness
  5. [adj]  meant or adapted for an occasion or use; "a tractor suitable (or fit) for heavy duty"; "not an appropriate (or fit) time for flippancy"
  6. [v]  give or assign a share of money or time to a particular person or cause; "I will earmark this money for your research"
  7. [v]  take possession of without permission or take with force, as after a conquest or invasion; "the invaders seized the land and property of the inhabitants"; "The army seized the town"; "The militia captured the castle"

APPROPRIATE is a 11 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: advantageous, allow, apposite, apt, befitting, called for, capture, congruent, congruous, conquer, due, earmark, expedient, fir for(a), fit, fit to(a), harmonious, in order(p), pat, pertinent, proper, reserve, right, seize, set aside, suitable, suited, take over, usurp
 Antonyms: inappropriate
 See Also: allot, annex, apropos, assign, carry, portion, preoccupy, take



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ap*pro"pri*ate\, a. [L. appropriatus, p. p. of
    appropriare; ad + propriare to appropriate, fr. proprius
    one's own, proper. See {Proper}.]
    Set apart for a particular use or person. Hence: Belonging
    peculiarly; peculiar; suitable; fit; proper.
          In its strict and appropriate meaning.   --Porteus.
          Appropriate acts of divine worship.      --Stillingfleet.
          It is not at all times easy to find words appropriate
          to express our ideas.                    --Locke.
  2. \Ap*pro"pri*ate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p.
    {Appropriated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Appropriating}.]
    1. To take to one's self in exclusion of others; to claim or
       use as by an exclusive right; as, let no man appropriate
       the use of a common benefit.
    2. To set apart for, or assign to, a particular person or
       use, in exclusion of all others; -- with to or for; as, a
       spot of ground is appropriated for a garden; to
       appropriate money for the increase of the navy.
    3. To make suitable; to suit. [Archaic] --Paley.
    4. (Eng. Eccl. Law) To annex, as a benefice, to a spiritual
       corporation, as its property. --Blackstone.
  3. \Ap*pro"pri*ate\, n.
    A property; attribute. [Obs.]
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a propos, absorb, abstract, acceptable, according to Hoyle, accroach, ad rem, adapted, admissible, adopt, advantageous, advisable, agreeable, allocate, allot, and, annex, appertaining, applicable, applying, appoint, apportion, apposite, appropriate, appropriate to, apropos, apt, arrogate, assign, assign to, assimilate, assume, auspicious, bag, banausic, becoming, befitting, belonging, beneficial, boost, borrow, characteristic, civil, claim, colonize, comely, commandeer, commodious, condign, confiscate, congruous, conquer, conscript, convenient, cop, copy, correct, crib, decent, decorous, defraud, derive from, deserved, desirable, desired, despoil, destine, detail, devote, digest, distinctive, distinguished, dovetailing, draft, due, earmark, eligible, embezzle, employable, encroach, enjoyable, enslave, entitled, exact, expedient, expropriate, extort, fair, fate, favorable, feasible, felicitous, filch, fit, fitted, fitten, fitting, forage, fortunate, fructuous, functional, geared, genteel, germane, good, good for, grab, grasp, happy, helpful, hog, hook, idiocratic, idiosyncratic, imitate, impound, in character, in point, indent, infringe, infringe a copyright, inspired, intrinsic, invade, involving, jump a claim, just, just right, kosher, lay hold of, lift, likely, lot, lucky, make assignments, make free with, make off with, make use of, mark off, mark out for, marked, material, meet, merited, meshing, metabolize, mock, monopolize, nice, nick, nip, normal, normative, occupy, of general utility, of help, of service, of use, on the button, opportune, ordain, overrun, palm, pat, peculiar, pertaining, pertinent, pilfer, pinch, pirate, plagiarize, play God, pleasant, poach, politic, portion off, practical, pragmatical, predigest, preempt, preoccupy, prepossess, press, pretend to, profitable, proper, propitious, providential, purloin, qualified, quintessential, raid, recommendable, relevant, requisite, requisition, reserve, restrict, restrict to, right, right and proper, righteous, rightful, ripe, run away with, rustle, schedule, scrounge, seasonable, seemly, seize, sequester, serviceable, set, set apart, set aside, set off, shoplift, simulate, single, singular, sit on, snare, snatch, snitch, sortable, spoil, squat on, steal, subjugate, suitable, suited, suiting, swindle, swipe, tag, tailored, take, take all of, take it all, take on, take over, take possession of, take up, thieve, timely, to be desired, to the point, to the purpose, trespass, true to form, unique, urbane, useful, usurp, utilitarian, walk off with, well-chosen, well-expressed, well-put, well-timed, wise, worthwhile, worthy, wrench