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Meaning of APE

Pronunciation:  eyp

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all
  2. [n]  person who resembles a non-human primate
  3. [n]  someone who copies the words or behavior of another
  4. [v]  represent in or produce a caricature of; "The drawing caricatured the President"
  5. [v]  imitate uncritically and in every aspect; "Her little brother apes her behavior"

APE is a 3 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: anthropoid, aper, caricature, copycat, emulator, imitator
 See Also: anthropoid ape, epigon, epigone, human, imitate, individual, misfit, mock, mortal, parrot, person, primate, somebody, someone, soul



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ape\ ([=a]p), n. [AS. apa; akin to D. aap, OHG. affo, G.
    affe, Icel. api, Sw. apa, Dan. abe, W. epa.]
    1. (Zo["o]l.) A quadrumanous mammal, esp. of the family
       {Simiad[ae]}, having teeth of the same number and form as
       in man, and possessing neither a tail nor cheek pouches.
       The name is applied esp. to species of the genus
       {Hylobates}, and is sometimes used as a general term for
       all Quadrumana. The higher forms, the gorilla, chimpanzee,
       and ourang, are often called {anthropoid apes} or {man
    Note: The ape of the Old Testament was probably the rhesus
          monkey of India, and allied forms.
    2. One who imitates servilely (in allusion to the manners of
       the ape); a mimic. --Byron.
    3. A dupe. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
  2. \Ape\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Aped}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Aping}.]
    To mimic, as an ape imitates human actions; to imitate or
    follow servilely or irrationally. ``How he apes his sire.''
          The people of England will not ape the fashions they
          have never tried.                        --Burke.
Computing Dictionary
  1. A lossless audio compression algorithm from monkeysaudio.

  2. A graphics package from the Ohio Supercomputer Centre.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: An Ape is a reference to your instincts and basic impulses. It can be of a sexual nature. On a different level it might be linked to a disappointing, treachourous and tricky relationship.
Easton Bible Dictionary

an animal of the monkey tribe (1 Kings 10:22; 2 Chr. 9:21). It was brought from India by the fleets of Solomon and Hiram, and was called by the Hebrews _koph_, and by the Greeks _kepos_, both words being just the Indian Tamil name of the monkey, kapi, i.e., swift, nimble, active. No species of ape has ever been found in Palestine or the adjacent regions.

 Definition: a common term that includes the lesser apes (the gibbons and siamang) and the great apes (the orangutan, common chimpanzee, bonobo, and gorilla).
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: act, act a part, act as, act out, angwantibo, anthropoid ape, ape about, appear like, approach, approximate, aye-aye, baboon, bar, Barbary ape, be like, be redolent of, bear, bear resemblance, bring to mind, bugs on, burlesque, call to mind, call up, Cape polecat, capuchin, caricature, cavy, chacma, chimp, chimpanzee, Chiroptera, come close, come near, compare with, conformist, coon, copier, copy, copycat, copyist, correspond, counterfeit, counterfeiter, cracked on, crazy about, cuckoo, dissembler, dissimulator, do, drill, echo, echoer, echoist, emulate, enact, entellus, evoke, faker, favor, ferret, follow, forger, foumart, freaked-out, gaga over, gibbon, glutton, gone on, gorilla, groundhog, guenon, guereza, guinea pig, hanuman, hedgehog, hepped up over, hipped on, hit off, hit off on, hot about, hypocrite, imitate, imitator, impersonate, impersonator, impostor, Lagomorpha, langur, lemur, look like, macaque, mad about, make like, man, mandrill, marmoset, masquerade as, match, mime, mimer, mimic, mimicker, mirror, mock, mocker, mockingbird, monk, monkey, mountain gorilla, mousehound, near, nearly reproduce, not tell apart, nuts about, nuts on, opossum, orang, orangutan, pantomime, parallel, parody, parrot, partake of, pass for, perform, personate, phony, plagiarist, play, play a part, polecat, poll-parrot, polly, polly-parrot, porcupine, pose as, poseur, possum, prairie dog, pretend to be, Primates, proboscis monkey, quill pig, raccoon, remind one of, resemble, rhesus, rival, Rodentia, saki, savor of, seem like, sheep, simulate, simulator, skunk, smack of, sound like, stack up with, starry-eyed over, steamed up about, suggest, take after, take off, take off on, travesty, turned-on, weasel, whistle-pig, wild about, wolverine, woodchuck, zoril