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Meaning of AIRPLANE

Pronunciation:  'ehr`pleyn

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"

AIRPLANE is a 8 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: aeroplane, plane
 See Also: accelerator, accelerator pedal, airliner, amphibian, amphibious aircraft, attack aircraft, biplane, bomber, cowl, cowling, escape hatch, fighter, fighter aircraft, fuel pod, fuselage, gas, gas pedal, gun, hangar queen, heavier-than-air craft, hood, hydroplane, jet, jet plane, jet-propelled plane, landing gear, monoplane, multiengine airplane, multiengine plane, navigation light, pod, propeller plane, radar dome, radome, seaplane, ski-plane, throttle, turbojet, turboprop, windscreen, windshield, wing



Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of an airplane indicates of a search for freedom, adventure and advancement. You will be reaching higher levels of success, and sharper consciousnes. It might also fortell that you are about to escape from your daily routine and go in new directions. It might also indicate that it is time for you to go on a trip.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adjustable propeller, aeroplane, afterburner, aileron, air ambulance, air controls, air scoop, air scout, aircraft, airfreighter, airlift, airliner, airscrew, all-weather fighter, ambulance, amphibian transport, antisubmarine plane, assault transport, astrodome, attack bomber, avion, avion-canon, balloon, bay, be airborne, beaching gear, biplane, blister, body, bomb bay, bomber, bonnet, bow, brace wire, bubble, bubble canopy, bubble hood, bucket seat, cabin, canard, canopy, cargo plane, cargo transport, cat strip, chassis, chin, club plane, coaxial propellers, cockpit, coke-bottle fuselage, control surface, control wires, convertiplane, cowl, crew compartment, crop-duster, cruise, cruiser, Cub, deck, dihedral, dive bomber, dorsal airdome, drift, drone, dual controls, ejection seat, ejector, elevator, elevon, escort fighter, ferry, fighter, fin, finger patch, flap, flit, float, fly, flying banana, flying fortress, flying machine, flying platform, freight transport, freighter, fuel injector, fuselage, gas-shaft hood, glide, glider, gore, grasshopper, ground-attack fighter, gull wing, gun mount, hatch, heavier-than-air craft, heavy bomber, heavy transport, helicopter, hood, hop, hover, hovercraft, hunter, hydroplane, instruments, interceptor, jackstay, jet, jet bomber, jet pipe, jet plane, keel, killer, kite, laminar-flow system, landing gear, launching gear, launching tube, leading edge, light bomber, light transport, liner, longeron, long-range bomber, mailplane, medium bomber, military transport, mobile command post, monoplace, monoplane, mosquito, multipurpose plane, nacelle, naval aircraft, naval bomber, navigate, night fighter, nose, observation plane, ornithopter, pants, parasol, parasol wing, pathfinder, patrol bomber, patrol plane, picket patrol plane, pilotless aircraft, plane, pod, pontoon, precision bomber, private plane, prop, propeller, propeller plane, radar picket plane, reconnaissance plane, rescue helicopter, robot plane, rotor plane, rudder, rudder bar, sail, sailplane, scout, scout plane, seaplane, sesquiplane, ship, ski landing gear, ski-plane, sky truck, slitwing, soar, spinner, spoiler, sport plane, spotter plane, spray strip, spy plane, stabilizator, stabilizer, stay, stick, stick control, stratofreighter, stratojet, stressed skin, strut, tail, tail plane, tail skid, take the air, take wing, tandem plane, torpedo bomber, torpedo strike aircraft, trainer, trainer-bomber, trainer-fighter, transport, triplane, troop carrier, troop transport, truss, turbojet, turret, undercarriage, volplane, VTOL, wheel parts, wing, wing radiator