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Meaning of AHEAD

Pronunciation:  u'hed

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adv]  at or in the front; "I see the lights of a town ahead"; "the road ahead is foggy"; "staring straight ahead"; "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front"; "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"
  2. [adv]  ahead of time; in anticipation; "when you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount"; "We like to plan ahead"; "should have made reservations beforehand"
  3. [adv]  in a forward direction; "go ahead"; "the train moved ahead slowly"; "the boat lurched ahead"; "moved onward into the forest"; "they went slowly forward in the mud"
  4. [adv]  leading or ahead in a competition; "the horse was three lengths ahead going into the home stretch"; "ahead by two pawns"; "our candidate is in the lead in the polls"; "way out front in the race"; "the advertising campaign put them out front in sales"
  5. [adv]  to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future); "moved the appointment ahead from Tuesday to Monday"; "pushed the deadline ahead from Tuesday to Wednesday"
  6. [adv]  to a more advanced or advantageous position; "a young man sure to get ahead"; "pushing talented students ahead"
  7. [adv]  toward the future; forward in time; "I like to look ahead in imagination to what the future may bring"; "I look forward to seeing you"

AHEAD is a 5 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: before, beforehand, forrader, forward, forwards, in advance, in front, in the lead, onward, onwards, out front
 Antonyms: back, backward



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\A*head"\, adv. [Pref. a- + head.]
1. In or to the front; in advance; onward.

         The island bore but a little ahead of us.

2. Headlong; without restraint. [Obs.] --L'Estrange.

{To go ahead}.
   (a) To go in advance.
   (b) To go on onward.
   (c) To push on in an enterprise. [Colloq]

{To get ahead of}.
   (a) To get in advance of.
   (b) To surpass; to get the better of. [Colloq.]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a cut above, above, ahead of time, alee, along, ante, ascendant, before, beforehand, beforetime, betimes, better, capping, chosen, distinguished, early, eclipsing, eminent, en route to, exceeding, excellent, excelling, finer, first, for, fore, foremost, foresightedly, forth, forward, forwards, greater, headmost, higher, in advance, in anticipation, in ascendancy, in front, in the ascendant, in the forefront, in the foreground, in the front, in the lead, major, marked, of choice, on, one up on, onward, onwards, outstanding, over, precociously, previous, rare, rivaling, super, superior, surpassing, to the fore, to the front, topping, transcendent, transcendental, transcending, up ahead, upper, winning