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Pronunciation:  u'kyoomyu`leyt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  collect or gather; "Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up"
  2. [v]  get or gather together; "I am accumulating evidence for athe man's unfaithfulness to his wife"; "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis"

ACCUMULATE is a 10 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: amass, amass, collect, compile, conglomerate, cumulate, gather, hoard, pile up, pile up
 See Also: accrete, backlog, bale, catch, chunk, come up, corral, drift, fund, hive away, increase, lay in, lump, pull in, put in, run up, salt away, scrape, scrape up, stack away, stash away, store



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ac*cu"mu*late\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Accumulated};
    p. pr. & vb. n. {Accumulating}.] [L. accumulatus, p. p. of
    accumulare; ad + cumulare to heap. See {Cumulate}.]
    To heap up in a mass; to pile up; to collect or bring
    together; to amass; as, to accumulate a sum of money.
    Syn: To collect; pile up; store; amass; gather; aggregate;
         heap together; hoard.
  2. \Ac*cu"mu*late\ ([a^]k*k[=u]"m[-u]*l[=a]t), v. i.
    To grow or increase in quantity or number; to increase
          Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where
          wealth accumulates, and men decay.       --Goldsmith.
  3. \Ac*cu"mu*late\ (-l[asl]t), a. [L. accumulatus, p. p.
    of accumulare.]
    Collected; accumulated. --Bacon.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accouple, accrue, advance, agglomerate, agglutinate, aggregate, aggroup, amass, appreciate, articulate, assemble, associate, backlog, balloon, band, batch, bloat, bond, boom, bracket, breed, bridge, bridge over, bring together, broaden, bulk, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, cement, chain, clap together, clump, cluster, collect, colligate, collocate, combine, compare, compile, comprise, concatenate, conglobulate, conglomerate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, copulate, corral, couple, cover, crescendo, cull, cumulate, develop, dig up, draw together, dredge up, drive together, embrace, encompass, fund, gain, gain strength, garner, garner up, gather, gather in, gather into barns, gather together, get ahead, get in, get together, glean, glue, go up, group, grow, grub, grub up, heap, heap up, hide, hive, hoard, hoard up, hold, include, increase, intensify, join, juxtapose, keep, knot, lay away, lay by, lay down, lay in, lay together, lay up, league, link, lump together, make up, marry, marshal, mass, match, merge, mobilize, mount, multiply, muster, pair, partner, pick, pick up, piece together, pile, pile up, pluck, proliferate, put away, put together, put up, raise, rake up, rally, rise, roll into one, roll up, round up, run up, save, save up, scare up, scrape together, scrape up, secrete, shoot up, snowball, solder, span, splice, spread, squirrel, squirrel away, stick together, stock, stock up, stockpile, store, store up, strengthen, swell, take in, take up, tape, tie, treasure, treasure up, unify, unite, wax, weld, whip in, widen, yoke