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Meaning of LILIACEAE

WordNet Dictionary

LILIACEAE is a 9 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: family Liliaceae, lily family
 See Also: Aletris, Alliaceae, Allium, aloe family, Aloeaceae, Alstroemeriaceae, Amianthum, Anthericum, Aphyllanthaceae, Aphyllanthes, Asparagaceae, asphodel, Asphodelaceae, Asphodeline, Asphodelus, Bessera, Blandfordia, Bloomeria, Bowiea, Calochortus, Camassia, Colchicaceae, Colchicum, Erythronium, family Alliaceae, family Aloeaceae, family Alstroemeriaceae, family Aphyllanthaceae, family Asparagaceae, family Asphodelaceae, family Colchicaceae, family Funkaceae, family Hemerocallidaceae, family Hostaceae, family Hyacinthaceae, Fritillaria, Funka, Funkaceae, genus Agapanthus, genus Albuca, genus Aletris, genus Allium, genus Aloe, genus Alstroemeria, genus Amianthum, genus Anthericum, genus Aphyllanthes, genus Asparagus, genus Asphodeline, genus Asphodelus, genus Aspidistra, genus Bessera, genus Blandfordia, genus Bloomeria, genus Bowiea, genus Brodiaea, genus Calochortus, genus Camassia, genus Colchicum, genus Erythronium, genus Fritillaria, genus Funka, genus Gloriosa, genus Hemerocallis, genus Hosta, genus Hyacinthoides, genus Hyacinthus, genus Kniphofia, genus Lilium, genus Muscari, genus Ornithogalum, genus Quamassia, genus Scilla, genus Tofieldia, genus Tulipa, genus Urginea, Hemerocallidaceae, Hemerocallis, Hosta, Hostaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Hyacinthoides, liliaceous plant, Liliales, liliid monocot family, Lilium, Muscari, order Liliales, Ornithogalum, Quamassia, Tofieldia, Tulipa, Urginea